chinatown, new york

i’m back after four months,
shooting and editing ten woodwork videos in five days for core77.
feeling a little guilty for being here and not having time to spend with my friends.

but i get to hang out with these guys all week.

shiba inu portrait new york

p.s. i booked a flight to prague for june. just to see the sedlec ossuary.

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high tide high tide, barely made it out alive

elaine and i were sharing photos of ourselves in our twenties – cool, edgy.
and it feels like being in our thirties has become less about how we look,
how many awesome friends we have, “ooh look at how much fun we’re having”
and more about being happy with the subtleties.

from her, i’ve learned that in order to be happy in london, in my thirties,
i need to stop comparing london to new york.
one third of six figure salaries,
cooking dinner each weekday evening instead of and eating out every night
and cease reminiscing al bundy moments of glory scoring four touchdowns in a single game.

it’s a slow transition and i don’t think i can give up frivolous travels just yet,
but everything else, i think i’m okay with.

oh and i totally did a belly bump portrait session yesterday.
i need to shoot some dirty, smelly musicians soon before i completely lose my edge. :)

london pregnancy photos
london pregnancy photos

though zee and tom make me excited about the idea of starting a family.
a few more here.

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it’s friday, i’m in love.

hello dear friends,
twelve more weddings to put together,
but in the meantime, i’ve made a temporary website with a few galleries.
will be available to shoot in the bay area april 7 – 27th
so if you know any lovely couples in san francisco, san jose, berkeley, etc. who need engagement portraits
(or are getting married at some later point and are looking for a photographer)
please pass this on to them:

much appreciated,

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i heart cookies

experimenting with baking methods, in search of the perfect cookie;
slight crunch on edges, soft and chewy in the middle.

walnut chocolate chip with mandarin zest.

the perfect cookie

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after working and traveling relentlessly for the past seven years in new york,
my first two months in london were spent quietly exploring the city,
gaining ten lbs from shepherds pie and roasted dinners
and adjusting to subtle differences.

sweaters are called jumpers
jumpers are onesies
tank tops are vests
vests are waistcoats
pants are trousers
and underwear are pants

and everyone seems to misunderstand me.
“why would argos sell feta cheese?” “no, i said, ‘do they sell fitted sheets?’”

though i did take on one gig since i’ve been here.
lyla and spent an afternoon roaming around shepherd’s bush shooting promos for her upcoming album.


subpop loved this one most.

lyla foy

and i’m giddy that it’s popping up all over the intardwebs. :)
like here, here, here, here, here and here.

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six years, four months later.

records, 1200′s and vintage cameras back to california,
clothes and books donated,
craigslist furniture postings,
and a sad little brooklyn apartment, daily changing, progressing towards an end of another chapter.

september 29, 2013.

my last night in new york, whilst walking to dinner with some friends,
a large rat scurried across my foot.
i think it’s new york’s way of saying, “goodbye.”

november 1, 2013.

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