company retreat in yorkshire

assessments, team building tasks,
a warm, drunken evening of carbs and charade rounds dominated by war film titles
and then this. (the answer was actually sex in the city.)


if you put me in a crowded room and asked me to socialise,
my heart would sink of uneasiness.
replace socialising with a goal-related activity,
hell yes.

scavenger hunt in the very epic yorkshire dales.


which was (proudly pointed out by our driver) a film location for harry potter and the deathly hallows.

up the mountain, around the lake, through a marsh, skip, hop, stroll, run.

i woke up to this.

will be spending christmas by myself for the first time ever.
ordered an arduino powered robot kit from china.
i hope it arrives in time,
otherwise it will be a very grey week in london.

currently listening to:
love this track,
but i’ll be damned if it ever becomes my anthem.


simultaneously juggling three happy thoughts in my head

2.5 hours en train to spend thanksgiving with linh in paris.
european cities are all starting to look the same.

paris, france

but there’s something special about paris.
special things always happen whenever i’m here.

la seine
l'amour est mort


i must have really charmed that man with my vietnamese at the banh mi shop
because as we were leaving, he gave us these.

(we decided linh was on the left because there’s a foot in it and she has bunions.
i’m on the right because it’s got a lazy eye like mine.)


found us a charming little restaurant hidden in monmartre.
i made her laugh so hard that she snorted. she snorted so hard that i laughed so hard that i cried. happy thanksgiving!


5am in le marais, in the gutter, intoxicated, staring at the stars,
she asked me what my favourite moment of the trip was

and it wasn’t until now
that i realise i was happiest in that moment with her,
recollecting every fleeting pause and feeling a sense of… liberation? peace?
i don’t know, but i finally felt it after a tumultuous year in london.
my only regret was not being able to meet thomas that friday evening.

currently listening to:
je ne veux pas travailler, je ne veux pas déjeuner, je veux seulement l’oublier



found this video i made of deep freestylin’ when we were hanging out in the east village last year.
i miss having a stoop. i miss new york.

rome, italy

the pope gave me his holy blessing with a press accreditation to shoot the sistine chapel.
so here i am.

piazza navona
rome, italy
colosseum, rome italy
sistine chapel

it’s a strange feeling, spending your entire life seeing the ubiquitous creation of adam on posters, mugs, beach towels..
and then you tilt your head back and it’s like,

sistine chapel

oh hey! i know you guys.

sistine chapel
sistine chapel

the italian press are vultures with behemoth betacams
swinging about, knocking out whatever/whoever gets in their way of getting the shot,
including yours truly, all 5’4″, now covered in battle scars from the evening.

italian press

currently listening to:
alida and i collaborated on a spotify playlist called #CuSoObs (current song obsessions),
for discoveries that for some reason end up on repeat all day, everyday, for weeks.
i came across this gem she added and well, #CuSoOb.

away, a way to always belong, belong, won’t be long until i am gone.


anachronistic gatwick

south terminal.

gatwick south terminal

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short holiday

prague, land of fairy tale castles (and ornery geriatrics).


elaine, auntie and i have similar travel habits.
we wander, we eat, eating our way through the city.

the best trdelník is at this little side shop called “old traditional goodes” on a little road called karvola.

(that’s elaine, not me.)


we took a train to the sedlec ossuary (the bone church), but it felt macabre posting pictures from there.
ethan is going to be such a heartbreaker when he grows up.


walking down random alleyways in other countries, part 6.

i have been working. a lot.

because i don’t have control over what happens in my personal life,
but i have control over work. so i work.
full-time weekdays at lux magazine, freelance weekends.

my public service for the month, produced one rainy afternoon for riddle magazine with robinson & dapper.

a #GoOffshore piece shot and edited in monaco for audemars piguet. 

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short-lived hobbies

speed iPhone sketching with my thumb of random strangers on tube,
before they get off or realise i’m creepin’ on them.

i lost interest after three days, back to knitting during commute.

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back in new york for another seven days

to finish up the woodworking video series.
took a break to hang out with some old friends.

a pizza, a whiskey bottle and three hours of derp
with michelle and aric
(who reminded me he was the one who gave me the nickname “shortbus”
five years ago on a snowboarding trip
when i passed out after a game of kings with my shiny yellow helmet still on my head).


last night in new york
with brandon, alida, kim and ani over malaysian and italian.
another round of “did you just say?”
“…science question?”
“no, sinus infection.”
“no, peanut butter swirl.”

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two gems found in my bedroom

at the parents.

my old violin. tempted to bring it back to london so i can pull it out whenever anyone starts being broody.


my diary from when i was thirteen. i was such a dramatic little kid.


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