5am post whee.

my flight leaves in a few hours for vietnam,
where i’ll be spending three months writing. prolifically i hope.
will also be in china for a few weeks.

i have a feeling this summer will be a magical time in my life.

macbook equipped with final draft 7, cheap plastic camera, usb key and ipod.


the new adventures of chor lau heung, dubbed in vietnamese
and the duke of mount deer, dubbed in cantonese.
so i can practice my asian speak during the eighteen hour flight.


my cousin quyen said,
“if you’re gonna walk around talking like how they do in those kung fu movies,
people are gonna look at you funny.”

i feel kinda nerdy bringing all of these cables,
but i think they’ll be of more use to me than a pack of condoms.


if you’d like a postcard (or love letter),
shoot me an email: veanne at gmail dot com
with your address and subject line: “show me some nubbins.”

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