bahtiyar duysak

the man who shut down trump’s twitter account for 11 minutes.

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late wednesday evening, a couple weeks ago, yashad called me,
“are you alone? can you talk?”
“OMG am i being fired?”
“haha no, but i need you to fly out to düsseldorf tomorrow.”

and just like that, my daydreams of finally having a quiet, unproductive weekend
marinating on the sofa dissipated.

bahtiyar duysak

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pink lemonade

one afternoon, earlier this summer,
my buddies from monogold and i
hung out at the beach,
shot some absurdities,
and made this music video.

it was such a ridiculous, ridiculously fun collaboration.

naivasha, kenya.

sunday morning.

naivasha kenya

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i fly out to nairobi today.

in the event of my untimely death
from crossfire in an attempted pre-election assassination, protest bombing or dysentery,
the following are my requests:

  • destroy all my harddrives.
  • everything in my apartment will be dispersed amongst friends, but mom and dad have first dibs.
    please ship jack the 85mm f1.2 fat kid.
  • since no one will oblige to snapping my dog’s neck and tossing him in the crematory with me, 
    please tell henri he’s the most handsome dog in the world 
    and that i love him more than any man that has ever entered my adult life.
  • there will be no religious undertones at my funeral, no forlorn speeches and poetry readings either.
    instead, i would prefer you share a funny story, “this one time veanne and i…”
    please limit to three minutes. except for kim. she may have five.


and at the start of the procession, i would like this song to be played.

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harrison ford

when your childhood hero (indiana jones, not han solo. ahem.)
appears within several feet of you…

harrison ford

i was >this< close to writing “love” “you” on my eyelids.

sunday side hustle

when a bunch of skater kids ask you if they can be in the picture,
there is only one answer.

(random dude with dog jumped in at the last minute.)

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saturday night.

picture-taking practice with jason.

jason lopez

love, mom

mom took this one of me when we were in vietnam two years ago.
she has a knack for capturing me as i am;
slightly uncomfortable in front of cameras, but always carrying snacks.

veanne cao

orange sails, pirates and poets

there’s nothing particularly remarkable about this picture,
except that i was in the company of a rather remarkable person when it was taken.

dumbo, brooklyn, new york, carousel

i’ve changed my mind.

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summery things

deanna couldn’t make it and alida is a vegetarian.
which meant kim and i had the task of inhaling five dozen oysters.



mallory is one of my favourite actors to work with,
not just for her impeccable comedic timing
or her ability to take directions well,
but because she’s funny, fun.

and when you’ve been on set for twelve, twenty hours,
you need these guys to remind you why you’re there.

mallory wu

a behind the scenes from last year.

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tel aviv.

tel aviv

for work, on three hours of sleep every day for seven days.



tito, romain and i had a shoot in jerusalem so we decided to visit the western wall.
i’m neither religious nor spiritual, which is why i’m a bit stupefied by what happened.
romain said, “go to the wall, touch it, make a wish.”
within twenty feet of the wall, i started to cry.
i wasn’t sad and i have no reason to be sad.
the only thing i was thinking of in my stupid little head was, “how fun!”
and yet it happened, unwarranted ugly crying surrounded by hundreds of tourists
which leads me to believe
a. there’s a gas leak in the square
or b. there’s something special about this city

dead sea.

dead sea, israel

our last day there was spent floating on earth’s lowest surface, 430.5 metres below sea level.


i wrote about my cousins a while back
and i think the post best describes my family’s dynamic,
at least dad’s side.

aimee comes to new york every few months for work,
which means i usually get a day of antics with my little cousin.

two candids in chinatown.


sunday morning on my fire escape.

andrew glessner

home office.

veanne cao


office office.

veanne cao

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raw space

beatie wolfe + bell labs

beatie wolfe

anthony and i spent the afternoon in an anechoic chamber, which basically means absolutely no echo.
it was eerie – what i imagine purgatory would sound like
or while falling through a portal to another dimension.

beatie wolfe

details on their digital/analogue collaboration in the video we made.

heavy heart, heavy skies

this afternoon in chelsea, fixated on a smokestack.

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las vegas, nevada

joe and i crammed a bunch of tripods and pelican cases into the crunchwagon
and roadtripped from san francisco to vegas for CES last week.

somewhere in the mojave desert.

mojave desert
abandoned gas station

five days of video shoots.

i didn’t know much about shaquille o’neal before thursday
and posted a frame grab of him smiling at fitz on my instagram.
after reading up on his crusade of a career,
this one felt more suitable.

shaquille o'neal, shaq

i haven’t been properly home since i flew out to london last november.
i’m tired.

a mah and a yeh, who taught us kindness.

when grandpa passed away two decades ago,
the only thing i kept from his bedroom was this photograph of him and grandma.


her meticulously coiffed fringe, braids, ribbons, rouge.
i wish i knew the story behind this portrait.
was it for a special occasion? did she love that dress most?
were they happy?