mallory is one of my favourite actors to work with,
not just for her impeccable comedic timing
or her ability to take directions well,
but because she’s funny, fun.

and when you’ve been on set for twelve, twenty hours,
you need these guys to remind you why you’re there.

mallory wu

a behind the scenes from last year.

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tel aviv.

tel aviv

for work, on three hours of sleep every day for seven days.



tito, romain and i had a shoot in jerusalem so we decided to visit the western wall.
i’m neither religious nor spiritual, which is why i’m a bit stupefied by what happened.
romain said, “go to the wall, touch it, make a wish.”
within twenty feet of the wall, i started to cry.
i wasn’t sad and i have no reason to be sad.
the only thing i was thinking of in my stupid little head was, “how fun!”
and yet it happened, unwarranted ugly crying surrounded by hundreds of tourists
which leads me to believe
a. there’s a gas leak in the square
or b. there’s something special about this city

dead sea.

dead sea, israel

our last day there was spent floating on earth’s lowest surface, 430.5 metres below sea level.


i wrote about my cousins a while back
and i think the post best describes my family’s dynamic,
at least dad’s side.

aimee comes to new york every few months for work,
which means i usually get a day of antics with my little cousin.

two candids in chinatown.


sunday morning on my fire escape.

andrew glessner

home office.

veanne cao


office office.

veanne cao

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raw space

beatie wolfe + bell labs

beatie wolfe

anthony and i spent the afternoon in an anechoic chamber, which basically means absolutely no echo.
it was eerie – what i imagine purgatory would sound like
or while falling through a portal to another dimension.

beatie wolfe

details on their digital/analogue collaboration in the video we made.

heavy heart, heavy skies

this afternoon in chelsea, fixated on a smokestack.

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las vegas, nevada

joe and i crammed a bunch of tripods and pelican cases into the crunchwagon
and roadtripped from san francisco to vegas for CES last week.

somewhere in the mojave desert.

mojave desert
abandoned gas station

five days of video shoots.

i didn’t know much about shaquille o’neal before thursday
and posted a frame grab of him smiling at fitz on my instagram.
after reading up on his crusade of a career,
this one felt more suitable.

shaquille o'neal, shaq

i haven’t been properly home since i flew out to london last november.
i’m tired.

a mah and a yeh, who taught us kindness.

when grandpa passed away two decades ago,
the only thing i kept from his bedroom was this photograph of him and grandma.


her meticulously coiffed fringe, braids, ribbons, rouge.
i wish i knew the story behind this portrait.
was it for a special occasion? did she love that dress most?
were they happy?

vienna, austria.

three friends who share an affinity for carl sagan, archaic odds and ends
and dressing like eighty year old men
got together for a quiet weekend in vienna.

vienna, austria
mark wainwright, vienna flea market
vienna natural history museum, naturhistorisches museum wien
gregory manalo
mark wainwright
veanne cao
veanne cao, mark wainwright, gregory manalo
vienna christmas market

there isn’t a narrative; i’m just picking out a few of my favourite images.

veanne cao
gregory manalo, mark wainwright

but our entire weekend can be summed up in this one video.

currently listening to:
the trip was inspired by an anthem from my 20’s.

in london for the week

remember that one time i missed out on the reception at the palace
because i got food poisoning from raw oysters and ended up stuck in my hotel room all night
because i didn’t want to accidentally poop myself in front of royalty?
yeah, i do. because it’s happening right now.

fergus says, “how did a lowly peasant like you get invited to the palace?”

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my friends at monogold got ahold of a vhs camera
so a bunch of us hung out in 1991 for the day
and they made this music video.

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autumn is my favourite season.

autumn, central park

(also, i should note that this is cristina, not me, in the picture. but we’re so similar anyway…)

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san francisco summer

this city,
brimming with tender memories,
but clearly we’ve outgrown each other.

san francisco fog

impervious to blue

i’m rather fond of this summer.
a bit reluctant to say goodbye.

shoe tossing, shoe telephone line, shoe powerline

coney island

“what should we do today?”
“i want a hot dog.”

coney island

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london for two weeks.
jack and i shot part 8 in the series of short films.

a few behind the scenes stills by the brilliant leanne dixon.

inchoate script
victoria jane appleton, inchoate, veanne cao
veanne cao, inchoate
ryan cloud, inchoate, veanne cao
inchoate, veanne cao
victoria jane appleton, inchoate, veanne cao
i still use the chalkboard slate from my first film ten years ago
because it’s humbling and it reminds me that story and actors first and foremost,
before all the fancy equipment, before everything else.

cornwall, england

pancake lens on the 5DM3.
which is the equivalent of like, installing beer can speakers in a cadillac.

polruan, fowey, cornwall
polruan, fowey, cornwall
polruan, fowey, cornwall
polruan, fowey, cornwall
polruan, fowey, cornwall

lyndsey baked these delightful scones.
except we call them biscuits.
but in the u.k., their biscuits are our cookies.
and jaffa cakes are basically cookies, except they’re called jaffa. effing. cakes.


and their argument goes, “we invented the language.”
and my response has always been, “well, we’ve streamlined it.”
to which their replies have always been, “oh fuck off.”

oliver and jonny.

jonny kaldor, oliver howell
cornwall, fowey, polruan

currently listening to:
my favourite love song this summer.



before moving to london in 2013,
my friends and i would compete annually against other teams around the world in the 72-hour film shootout.

72 hours to write, produce, shoot, edit… make a five-minute film based on a common theme,
which, if you know anything about filmmaking, is pretty absurd
and you have to be a little crazy to attempt such a feat.

so now i’m back and our goal remains the same:
make each other laugh, hopefully make audiences laugh.

our little comedy placed 2nd.
i was just happy it actually made it into aaiff (asian american international film festival)
and we got to see it on the big screen. :)

austin, texas

corey and i got inked this 4th of july weekend. the amen break.
i have the first two bars, corey has the last two.
because our 16-year friendship all started with the mutual obsession of this drum loop.

raw sound wave, straight from the original sample:

veanne cao