ba doo dee doo

almost.. finished.. with.. neeeed sleeep..
we’re both sitting on our ;laptops in his living room being silly.
the maids are coming in a few hours. nat wants to know if i love him.

louis armstrong.. “i found my thrill on blueberry hill.. the moon stood still..
on blueberry hill and lingered until, my dream came trOooOooo..”

yes, nat. you are is my bitch.
nat: “you move me baby.” nat is drunk. no serious question grr.
“would you rather live it large, kick it old skewl or keep it real?”
and nat in his drunken *BURP* thinks
he and taylor have found the answer to doing all three.
WOW i’d like to know the answer!
nat’s answer: “watching fast times at ridgemont higsh whiles
watching it on a sony wega 36″ and munchin; on tacos bells YO”

“gone fishin.. instead of just a wishin..” i
keep forgeting to smoke mah scigarette OI.
“gone fishin.. ba doo ba doo.. fleas are bitring mr. sachoowan
gone fishin instead os justa wishin.. ba dooo ba doo ba doo OHHHH YEAH…..”
i think i love this boy.

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