beer + internet = ?

saturday night:
alone in the apartment with five bottles of wheat beer
(damn the vegetarian roommate!),
in search of online drinking buddies,

resulted in:
a belligerent post to moc.

a response from a really cute boy:
MaitreyaBetraya (1:27 AM): you are really cracking me up with your posts on moc.
i’m still drinking, and it’s after 4 here EST!
mylai (1:28 AM): big up the east coast alcoholics!!

continued drunken babble between two moc kids:
MaitreyaBetraya (1:28 AM): plus, you’re hot and it looks like you’ve got a nice apartment,
based on the picture. nice furniture, and what not!
mylai (1:31 AM): OMG you’re cute too!
mylai (1:31 AM): lets get married!
MaitreyaBetraya (1:31 AM): for real.

then the realization that you can get married online,


omg w e would have the cutest kids!

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