boston, ma

realized i hadn’t seen linh or kalli for over a year.
told kalli i missed them and she said, “come visit this weekend!!”
“you mean tomorrow??”

kalli the killer shark.

friday night, we stayed up late in the evening being girls.
mixed drinks and gossiping about everything from old lovers
to the awesomeness of always infinity pads (never going back to tampons!).

i met jp, kalli’s curious, mischievous little nephew,
who grabbed my hand and took me into the living room
to show me this antique 2-d picture viewer.



i love his laugh, his curly, swirly hair.


kalli married into a beautiful, warm family who embraced me immediately upon my arrival.
their colonial home is 99 years old, brimming with original details,
lighting fixtures and tapestries.

this is mama and papa burns’ wedding portrait from, i think, the 50’s.


saturday night,
we stopped by church to catch rex’s (kalli’s friend who recently moved to new york) band.
here i am being smothered by everyone.

also ran into this old friend who i haven’t seen for over three years.


such a short, but delightful visit. i miss them already. :(

4 thoughts on “boston, ma

  1. oh girl! i just checked my google reader a few mins ago and was pleasantly delighted by this post. you are so much better at condensing a ton of things jampacked in a weekend with a few words and pics. i always have to write tons and post tons..b/c i’m not very good at writing or take nice pics.

    here to make my mark that yes, i am keeping tabs on you. love you girls! it was a much needed girl time for me. beneficial to all us 3. :)

    don’t forget to check up on lj once in a while.

    oui i
    vok s
    e e t

  2. yes amber! not to sound gross, but for girls with the super heavy *flow*, it’s the most amazing thing ever. (omg i sound like a commercial.)

    love you kalli! i hope you’re having loads of fun in tokyo!

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