greedy mosquitos.

no matter where i am,
there are two places in the world where i always feel at home:
ranch99 and billiard halls.

last night,
chi yen took me to a dingy, dirty joint hidden in the side streets,
congested by cigarettes and men.
i wasn’t intimidated because i’ve been living in billiard halls since i was sixteen.
and one by one by one, i beat them.
i got too cocky and got schooled by the fourth guy.

had he been cute,
i think it would have been a great start to a fleeting, summer romance.

shortly after the thunderstorm.


currently listening to:
my aunt and uncle took me to a night club on friday for a history lesson in vietnamese music.
the vocalists sang songs by trinh cong son.

this recording from 1967 is one of my favorites.

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