love love love old photos

during my one day off in los angeles,
i spent the afternoon with afu (my uncle, apa’s older brother) listening to francoise hardy
and going through old family albums.

apa looks like grandma and i look like apa, but i don’t think i look like grandma, do i?


aimee told me this was taken when grandpa worked as a translator for the french.


i wonder if they’re at the zoo..


afu, the original hipster.


i love how apa rocks the gold chains even at the beach. my dad was the awesomest.


i’m the little butterball on grandma’s lap.


afu asked me if i could find my dad in this picture.


surprisingly, i did.


i sent the same picture to mom and fathead vinh
and they were both able to pick him out as well. kinda neat. :)

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