my weekend with the girls

some random from our trip to venice beach:

• the strip, viewed from our hotel roofdeck.


• the six hour drive down in 94 degrees weather at 11pm:
singing, laughing..
an suv filled with guys flashed us with a drawn picture of a penis.
“ew!” so we drew boobies on a piece of paper and flashed them with it.

• rollerskating up and down the strip.

vi, stacey and me.
(i didn’t post the group pic so that one of the other girls could do it on their lj)


• cruising down sunset boulevard,
blasting digital underground’s kiss you back,
“shimmy shimmy cocopuff..”
and making up silly hiphop dance routines in the car.

• at some club on sunset boulevard:
vi: ew! it smells like ass! who farted?
dood: oh it’s probably me.
(dood walks off)
a minute later..
dood: is the smell gone? so girls, what’s up?

aside from the occasional dumbass like this dood,
sunset boulevard is glutted with beautiful men and women.
if you’re looking just to hook up,
this place is it.

• massive drum circle on the beach during sunset.

• fat burgers… mmmm!

• during our trip back,
we finished off five bags of potato chips,
ran low on gas and the only station available was shell.
“we can’t stop here! you know what they do to animals and the environment?!”
“but they have free car washes!”

• our mascot splooge (sploogie!!),
the head bobbin’ chihuahua decked out a saavy scarf.


» »»

i would have been totally down to support the cause
and get rowdy dirty with my fellow sf party girls
for the burning man mud wrestling fundraiser.
much props to them for taking something normally stereotyped as trashy
and turning it into something hilariously fun and badass.
sorry you guys couldn’t do it this weekend. :(

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