nine months later

the gist:
“change of plans. i’m going to amsterdam after i graduate.”
“for how long?”
“for a year.”
“wait, what about..”
“i think we should take a break from each other.”
“you’re breaking up with me?”
“no, i don’t want to lose our friendship,
but i think we should put our relationship on hold until i get back.”
“will we be seeing other people?”
“if it happens, it happens.”
“so you’re breaking up with me.”

it’s like..
they think they’ve met the raddest girl
so they promise you this and that
and then they realize that you’ve become an inconvenience to their plans
and then you become disposable.

i spent all day today managing how i felt through photoshop files.


[nauseous and dumb, among other things]

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