nrn rocks my world.

sheri, my audio production professor from last spring,
asked me to crew on her short film, toy horse,
a fairytale about a talking.. well, toy horse.

i am a lousy script supervisor.
she figured since i was good at details, i could handle continuity issues.

i could remember that the actress placed the bag, tilted 27 degrees right,
two inches away from the center bottom of the table,
but i couldn’t remember with which arm she was holding her purse.
“what? she was holding a purse?!”





cassie again.


also did a flyer for drew.
was hoping because the party was called trance addict
i could get away with making a funky rave flyer.
but he was like, “no veanne! sexy. we want sexy.”

alright then.


(that’s julianna on the flyer, from a shoot i did at my old valencia apartment last year)

currently listening to:

describes my mood.

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