paso robles, california

yes, i know i am blessed to have been born into the cao family.
and i have the most loving,





did i mention weirdest?

cousins in the world.

the eight of us met up over a weekend in this huge house
equipped with a vineyard and swimming pool for a cousins retreat.

lots of ridiculously silly photos which i’ll leave to share between the cousins.
but our last day there, they humored me and let me take portraits.
i picked the ones that best exuded our personalities.

tc, who along with suzanne, used to torment me as a kid.


jaimee. aimee will tell you she’s my favorite, but shhh, jaimee is.


suzanne bakes me cookies
and plays “someday my prince will come” on her baby grand when i come to visit.


calvin went from an awkward, quiet little kid to this handsome, confident man.


aimee. she grabs my boobs and cackles like an old lady whenever she sees me.


definitely not one of my more flattering photos,
but i remember being really happy when suzanne took this.


my fathead brother vinh. black and white doesn’t do his personality justice.


chanh is a bit camera shy, so in her place
i’ll leave this picture of a yummy cheeseburger jaimee and i shared during lunch.


currently listening to:
after i flew into sfo, suzanne and i did a six-hour drive,
blasting and belting take me home, country road as we rolled up to the house.
“dark and dusty, painted on the sky…”


3 thoughts on “paso robles, california

  1. Beautiful. Particularly like Aimee’s portrait. Are you still bartering portraits for cheeseburgers/favors? Not an actor myself but would like a nice headshot.

    • you could put aimee in a burlap sack and she’ll still look good. :)
      and no, not bartering for cheeseburgers anymore,
      but i’ll make an exception for you since henri loves you.

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