planes, trains and automobiles (and ferries)

edinburgh castle.

edinburgh castle

robertons close. me, by dave.

robertsons close, edinburgh

old town.
i get chills thinking about the deteriorating underground city beneath these streets.

old town edinburgh

en route to glasgow.

train scotland

famous music venue in glasgow.

barrowland, glasgow

haggis. not bad at all. minus the tidbit aftertaste of earwax.


okay, i’m stupid. i know. but i was really excited to see the red telephone booths
so i made dave stand in front of them and took a picture.


on the ferry back to dunoon.
why does the third black body in the middle not have a head like the first two?

dunoon ferry

currently listening to:
frank stanley’s 1910 recording of “auld lang syne” makes me all teary.

auld lang syne

One thought on “planes, trains and automobiles (and ferries)

  1. ah ha! i’ve been bookmarking a wicked old rss feed of your blog and no wonder i didn’t see any updates for a while! the address changed! fb moves so fast that i miss all the cool posts from the cool friends like you. beautiful photos as usual veanne! post more and some videos if you have any. i’m glad you went to scotland instead of boston, b/c it’s wayyyyy more interesting. hope to see you soon and yes, got your new cell #. <3 me

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