saying goodbye

it was supposed to only be dinner,
but i didn’t end up leaving until the second afternoon.

totally broke down and cried on bart back to sf
because it finally hit me;
i still really love him.

but of course, you know how the story ends:
girl moves to new york.

but this one memory kept repeating in my head yesterday and today:
i was so nervous when my documentary premiered that i was shaking the whole time,
and that whole time, he held onto my hand really tightly.
when the credits rolled in and the audience started clapping,
he leaned over and whispered, “that’s my girl.”

doing cool shit just isn’t all that when you don’t have him by your side.

• • • • •

in lighter news,
general chang installed after effects on my laptop. i decided to learn how to use it
and made a 30-second promo the next day.
big grin when i saw it air during the crankygeeks commercial break.

i didn’t go crazy with layers and textures because i wanted to grasp the basics first.

currently listening to:
i do this weird thing where whenever i’m feeling like crap,
i’ll sing to myself,
stuff like


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