the stoop” is one of my favorite summer albums of all time
and adam has always been one of my favorite producers.

adam pallin, ASTR
and in the past few years he has graciously lent me about half a dozen of his tracks for my film projects.

so when he hit me up for promo pics for ASTR, his latest music collaboration with miss zoe anna,
of course i jumped.

adam pallin, zoe anna, ASTR
adam pallin, zoe anna, ASTR

check out some of their stuff here:

currently listening:
way different sound than his old school, motown throwback jams i’m used to.


just ain't gonna work out

adam’s been working on nikki jean‘s upcoming album,
so we decided to stop by her show at webster hall.


she opened for mayer hawthorne,
who captivated my heart for the night.


currently listening to:
adam calls it the eddie kendricks song.
i know i was drunk, but

this song
was magical live.

he makes me happy

a quick, little trip on the staten island ferry, there and back,
just because i’ve never been on it.

from adam’s flip mino.
we didn’t shoot much footage though. :

labor day weekend cabin trip

with seven friends, four shibas
and my little happy dude.


the cabin we got this time wasn’t as sexy as last time’s, but it had charm.


cheese + pineapple + jalapeno + BEEF = :D


the creek nearby.


as dorky as this picture is, it brings me much joy.


substituting missing pieces.


playing around with shutter speed.


adam‘s got a knack for figuring out songs when he hears them,
but he says, “it’s just chords.”

at one point during the trip,
we were alone on the front porch fooling around, playing random songs
and he improvised “tous les garçons et les filles” for me to sing along to.

[adam doesn’t speak french, he just likes to pretend like he does.]

hall & oates, coney island

so many great classics.
all the geriatrics kept the vibe chill
while we kept jumping up and down screaming.





by the taco stand in the alley way.


it’s pretty pathetic how poor i am right now,
but surprisingly, this is the happiest i’ve been in a long time.


[on the way back, by phan]

currently listening to:
“adam adam adam! guess what!”
“it’s mah sooooooong.”

she’s a rich girl

last night, aafilmlab film festival

we were nominated for best story, best director.

we won:




i agree with rain, “the winning film rightfully blew us away,”
and i hope to one day make films with that much heart.

pic of me (director/cinematographer/editor), rain (writer/actor),
adam (music producer), tony (producer/actor) and henry (writer) from that night.

14 days in iphone pics

with help from the camerabag app (out of order):

kimmie is the cutest.




adam loves al green as much as i do.


korean bbq.


rain rehearsing on fire escape.


kimmie tries to ease my devastation.


henri’s leaf-stache.


4th of july fireworks over hudson river.


on our way to legion, by josh.


it seemed like a good idea at the time.


why brooklyn feels like home.




i hate hipsters and their retarded performance art, destroying pianos on bedford.
breaks my heart.


three had my attention, two have my affection. josh is one of them.


suzanne gave me my new year’s resolution this past january:
“no self-sabotaging.”

but i have a lousy track record with boyfriend/girlfriend relationships
so it only makes sense that i avoid them.
at least for now.

but then josh sends me
a video of him playing the guitar, singing, “i’m going crazy without you”
and i get all mooshy inside and then i don’t know what to do.
currently listening to:

you got me where you want me, but i ain’t all there


one week i’m kittysitting adam’s fat little purebred thousand dollar persian furball.



next week i’m fostering feral kittens from the animal shelter,
covered in scabs and patches of missing hair.

freckles (cause she’s got freckles dur):




last week i was crying to jimmy, going,
“omg what the hell have i gotten myself into? there’s poo all over the apartment!”

this week sippycup falls asleep on my belly and likes to rub his nose up against mine.
freckles is still a little skittish and won’t come up to you,
but if you can catch her, she’ll purr when you rub her belly… just like your typical girl.

this weekend i’m dropping the two off at the adoption event in park slope.
*crossing fingers* that they’ll get adopted.

it's all good.

home at the parents.
dad is in se asia
so i’ve been sleeping with mom despite having my own bedroom here
because her bed is awesome and i miss being close to her,
even though i have to kick her in the back every other hour to keep her from snoring.

happy holidays!



currently listening to:
adam is a total punkass who likes to take advantage of my gullibility,
but he produces some good stuff, some damn good stuff.

the stoop

download his album here.