a cloud away from seeing the sunshine

adam made me a song for christmas,
but was hesitant about giving it to me because he said,
“this is the gayest shit i’ve ever produced.”

i listened to it and yeah, it’s the gayest shit he’s ever produced.
but it’s still pretty cute.

bring the sunshine

(vocals and background vocals going, “ooooh” are all him.)

well i'll be darn..

so we’ve been friends for about a year and a half now.
we get along really well, always have fun together
and he’s got the dopest personality.
we’ve basically established that we’re just friends, great buddies.

he’s producing tracks for this upcoming artist
who was performing last night at webster hall.

so he invited me along,
and we both got super drunk,
and like…


i never thought of him in *this* way until now.
i have no idea what he’s thinking or what will happen next,
but last night, the L train ended at lorimer and i ended up floating ten blocks back home,
with his songs playing in my headphones,
with a dopey smile on my face.

currently listening to:

one of his tracks

so lush.

doggie this, doggie that.

when jimmy and i broke up,
i lost my photo adventure partner in crime
and consequently have been very uninspired to take much photos.

but ever since i got henri,
i’ve been meeting so many wonderful dogs and taking tons of doggie pictures.
now seriously considering being a pet photographer.

kyle’s olivie


alex’s alvin


a pug named simon i met at my neighborhood dog run


rain’s kit


and of course, henri


who has his own blog
not because i’ve become some fanatic who’s obsessed with their dog,
but because my family and friends keep asking for pictures,
so i figured it’s easier than sending mass emails every other day.

currently listening to:
the line that gets me, “somewhere maybe someday, maybe somewhere far away.”

little person