westwood, ca

recording adr today.
masami in the studio, view from the sound booth.


also saw a rough cut, was pleasantly pleased.
a few tweeks here and there and masami has a film.

los angeles, ca

back on the west coast this week for pick up shots.

lying on the grass all day,
pretending like we haven’t seen each other for five months.


donal told me his parents read my blog entry about him.
i wanted to crawl in a hole and die of embarrassment.
still, the entry was more so about the acting craft
and how it can really mess with your head, your emotions.

this sounds like a cop out.

what an adventure this has been.

acting, shooting, directing…
whichever role i take on, i’m happiest when i’m making films.

adelina as ruby, my mentor.


donal in my character’s art studio.


i emailed masami some pictures of my bedroom last month
and she included some old cameras in the set design,
just like the ones i have in my bedroom. very cool. :)


tara blew up frame grabs of me & donal from the video shoot
and created eight amazing art pieces.


it’s still crazy surreal seeing your face plastered all over the walls.


rain said, “doesn’t look like you one bit.
looks like it came straight out of suzie wong.”


sunday’s art gallery shoot was the most cluttered, scattered, hectic,
but for most of the shoot, i felt like i was alone with donal tristan
in the middle of a room, swirling with bits, odds and ends.

kinda sad that it’s all over now.

love scenes

definitely not easy to do.
especially when you’ve got a director watching your every move,
a boom mic catching your every breath,
and the dp hovering over you with this beast of a camera.


my tristan

donal made me cry today during rehearsal.
masami whispered something in his ear before we started the scene
and like…
jerk broke my heart.

emotionally overexerted and hungry.


masami is an amazingly compassionate, thoughtful director
who lets us play, explore, build and tell stories.


today she asked donal and i to share cute, romantic tidbits from our past with each other.
i couldn’t think of one, but masami was like,
“no wait! what about the story you told me about sending messages through your website?”

if you’re not familiar with 404 errors,
they’re basically “document not found” messages that pop up
when you go to pages that don’t exist on a website.

after an ex-boyfriend and i broke up,
he left me secret messages by going to pages on my website that didn’t exist, stuff like,
and then that url would then show up in my 404 logs.

i don’t know what was nerdier,
that he sent me messages through 404,
or that i habitually checked my logs and found them.

so um.. i never found it to be romantic,
but i always thought it was pretty unique.

los angeles, ca

masami auditioned over forty actors to find eleven suitable for my leading man.
after an exhausting weekend of callbacks,
we narrowed it down to four brilliant actors.

tomorrow, i will have my tristan.

if you listen to your heart the whole night through

acting is one of those things i studied in high school and a little bit in college,
but after a few films, i shortly abandoned the craft to pursue the production side.

masami saw me in kieu from a few years ago
and auditioned me for the lead role in her upcoming film
while i was in san francisco over the holidays.

i was a little hesitant because, you know, acting is a scary thing.
to feel, to hurt, to spill your soul, to be scrutinized. it’s a scary thing.
but if you’re an actor,
you also know about those incredibly raw moments with the camera
that remind you what it’s like to be vulnerable, what it’s like to be human.

anyway, yours truly landed the role, accepted the challenge,
and is now in los angeles for pre-production.

also decided to stay with the family while i’m here.

isabella is the most fun.


currently listening to:
your sunny someday will come one day soon to you.

hang on little tomato