afternoon with apa

i enjoy assembling things with lots of parts (like drum kits, lighting kits and ikea dressers).
in this case, a steadicam.

my relationship with dad is most harmonious when
we’re listening to music or working together on projects big or small.

he also rigged/raised my quick release plate so the lever wouldn’t be such a nuisance. :)

90° sunday

painting and prancing around in bikini tops, pj bottoms, carelessly tied back hair.

called daddy to wish him a happy father’s day.
he asked what i was doing.
when i told him,
he said, “but you don’t know how to paint!”
so i said, “it’s okay, i’ll figure it out.”

et voilà!


i’m done. didi’s finishing up.


currently listening to:
crista plays bass for lion of ido
so i decided to check out their tracks.
got this one stuck in my head.

i know i am hard to love

didi and i have made it our summer theme song.

apa and mommy

a moment caught on video.

there’s no one i love more than these two.

"i thought penguins were mammals."

my dad sent me an email the other day that ended with,
(apa is dad in chinese)

i think it’s kinda endearing, but i also think it’s kinda disturbing.

• • • • •

stopped by krobar’s music video set to do an interview with sean for my class project.
they were shooting a tongue-in-cheek, 80’s club hoes turned zombies skit.

i took some pics to show you guys how friggin’ nasty they all looked (thanks to jared).



he kept licking his boogers to gross me out. :(


and krobar played a vampire.


currently listening to:
last night..

julian’s voice is so hot

when dad returned

from his sabbatical a few months ago,
he quit his job and began selling antiques and electronics on ebay.
“i don’t have to fight traffic, i get to work on my own schedule,
i can take afternoon naps and i make a lot more money than i used to.”
i have never seen him happier.

mom left for europe on sunday so i will be taking care of him
for the next two weeks.

every day after his afternoon nap,
we take strolls through hellyer path.

on our path is this bridge
and underneath this bridge lives a coterie of vietnamese men.
as we pass them,
dad hollers, “how are you?!”
and one of them responds, “hi ong tai!”

i asked dad, “how you know them?”
dad explained to me that he talks to them every time
he passes by the bridge and that i shouldn’t be afraid.
“they’re me;
immigrants who came here looking for a better life..
except they just weren’t as lucky.”

friday afternoon,
chris and i took his son tyler to the park.
kids are difficult to photograph. they move so fast!

tyler j.



apart for a week and we’re already missing each other,
so nat flew into town this weekend to see me.
i am whooped.