thank you nico, vlad and joey

last thursday:
mom found me in bed with my head pressed against bailey’s belly
crying like a helpless idiot
and convinced dad to let me bring the piano to the house.

but i wasn’t really crying over the piano..
life has been a total jerk to me this month;
bad stuff keeps happening one after another….
and then i turned around to grab the tv remote
and i banged my knee on the corner of my bed frame really hard
and it hurt really bad.
it was like, “oh come on! what next?!” :(

mom suggested i spend the weekend in san francisco with friends
to de-stress.

veronica has a huge crush on mccauley caulkin so we went to see saved.
it was suppose to be a comedy damnit, not a love story.

joey and i saw an ethnic dance festival.
here i go again, sneaking in my camera.


[reminds me of being in a dream]

cat, chris and i went to the gay pride parade.


on the muni, on the way to getting mint chocolate chip milkshakes.


currently listening to:

corny 80’s music always cheers me up

two mini projects tonight

project #1
dad has a movie function with sound on his digital camera.
i tested it out.

[right click on image to download 644kb quicktime]


project #2
oh well hello there bailey.


crush on the upper haight

i’ve had the biggest crush on dj bailey
ever since i got ahold of his renegade hardware mixtape three years ago.

tonight he was playing at evan’s party, coincidentally called “crush.”

while standing at the bar,
rick nudges me and says,
“hey ve, guess who’s standing right behind you?”

i turned around and my stomach sank.
i wanted to jump him,
tell him he was the bomb shiznit
and offer to bear his children,

but all i could do was muster up an awkward smile.
he smiled back.

my night ruled. :)

bailey, with mc l-ski


rick: “dood, she’s hella hot! who is she?!”
me: “um, rick.. that’s a mannequin.”


hanging out in the restroom.


hikaru is such a cutie.


cellar door

me and bailey (named after my favorite dj)