memorial day weekend of bbqs & movie night

when we got the grill,
the girls were like,
“one of us needs to get a boyfriend who knows how to use it.”
wtf? you can learn anything on the internet.

i took on the task and honestly,
i’m not sure why dudes have such a hold on the whole bbq thing.
i’m gonna be grill master by the end of the summer.


tentatively set to start shooting film on the 21st,
so i’ve been practicing framing, over the shoulder shots, etc. to prep.









this weekend’s movie in the backyard: dirty dancing, havana nights

because i love diego luna.

currently listening to:
ain’t nobody dope as me, i’m just so fresh, so clean.


backyard bbq & movie night

officially kicked off on saturday
with “wet hot american summer” projected on the building wall.

you tell people to bring stuff and this is what you get.

we are a classy bunch.
anyway, the rest of the pictures are here.

afterwards, few of us stopped by a rooftop party a few blocks away.


currently listening to:
the bbq playlist was super chill, with tracks like


brooklyn, new york

landlord finally whacked the weeds. this week, he finishes off the fence.


to kick start the summer,
kimmie, didi and i are tentatively planning a bbq & movie night in the backyard in two weeks,
borrowing tony’s projector and screening one of these films off a white canvas on the building wall:

• le diner de cons
• the great gatsy
• cinema paradiso
• jaws
• goonies
• a bout de souffle
• wet hot american summer
• do the right thing
• summer of sam
• la dolce vita
• indiana jones
• 400 blows
• serial mom
• the burbs
• breakin’
• clerks
• license to drive
• the outsiders
• the karate kid
• big trouble in little china

trying to figure out which one would be a great summer movie that both dudes and chicks would like.