greedy mosquitos.

no matter where i am,
there are two places in the world where i always feel at home:
ranch99 and billiard halls.

last night,
chi yen took me to a dingy, dirty joint hidden in the side streets,
congested by cigarettes and men.
i wasn’t intimidated because i’ve been living in billiard halls since i was sixteen.
and one by one by one, i beat them.
i got too cocky and got schooled by the fourth guy.

had he been cute,
i think it would have been a great start to a fleeting, summer romance.

shortly after the thunderstorm.


currently listening to:
my aunt and uncle took me to a night club on friday for a history lesson in vietnamese music.
the vocalists sang songs by trinh cong son.

this recording from 1967 is one of my favorites.

"shut up brain or i'll stab you with a q-tip."

before we purchased our stylish krups coffee maker,
nat and i were making coffee with a flour sifter and paper towels.

alex once told me that one time while he was at a party,
he had to *ahem* do his business in a bathroom
which had no toilet paper.
he used his sock.
“ew! so what did you do afterward?
turn the sock inside out and put it back on?!”

vi once told me that when john was really young,
his parents were too poor to buy him a slip and slide
so they’d tape together trash bags and turn on the water hose.

where do you draw the line between macguyver and just plain ghetto?

taylor breaks balls.


currently listening to:

decoder makes me moist
drops at 1:30.