boston, ma

realized i hadn’t seen linh or kalli for over a year.
told kalli i missed them and she said, “come visit this weekend!!”
“you mean tomorrow??”

kalli the killer shark.

friday night, we stayed up late in the evening being girls.
mixed drinks and gossiping about everything from old lovers
to the awesomeness of always infinity pads (never going back to tampons!).

i met jp, kalli’s curious, mischievous little nephew,
who grabbed my hand and took me into the living room
to show me this antique 2-d picture viewer.



i love his laugh, his curly, swirly hair.


kalli married into a beautiful, warm family who embraced me immediately upon my arrival.
their colonial home is 99 years old, brimming with original details,
lighting fixtures and tapestries.

this is mama and papa burns’ wedding portrait from, i think, the 50’s.


saturday night,
we stopped by church to catch rex’s (kalli’s friend who recently moved to new york) band.
here i am being smothered by everyone.

also ran into this old friend who i haven’t seen for over three years.


such a short, but delightful visit. i miss them already. :(

living out of a suitcase for almost a month

patrick refers to us as the wonder twins
because we can both shoot, edit and run for twelve hours straight
for a week straight.

but i think brooks is more hardcore than me
because he parties at krave until 5am and still kicks ass the next day.
me, i need at least seven hours of sleep.

brooks, in my hotel room. last morning in vegas.


we were sent off to the avn convention to get some coverage for the show
and i got to meet my hero.
(yeah, i cropped myself out of the pic because i look like a short, fat troll
standing next to someone who just exudes sexuality and femininity.)

yesterday afternoon, i made a silly short video of my little trip to the east coast.

(video footage from a dinky canon powershot)

mmm cubans.

i haven’t been in boston since i left three and a half years ago.

yesterday morning,
kalli was at work and linh was passed out, jet lagged
so i took the red line to a little coffee shop in central square
and sat in front of their window with my mint mocha and laptop for a few hours,
watching people go by.

i also finished up a sixteen-page distribution booklet.


not sure what to write. about boston i mean.
i’m a little sad, a little nostalgic.
a lot of memories attached to this city.
not sure what to write,
but i know that i did miss boston and i’m glad to be back,
even if it’s only for a short time.

also a lot happy
because i get to hang out with my two loves, linh and kalli.

tomorrow we leave for new york.

above linh’s bathroom sink. made my morning teeth brushing happy time.


currently listening to:
next week we’re having an “international karaoke night.”
jimmy said he’s gonna sing a punjab love ballad.

i’m gonna rock frankie laine’s

rose rose i love you

except in mandarin. :)

joey is the bestest.

graveley tells me that people in san francisco try so hard to be different,
yet they’re still all the same.

graveley: “and they’re not crazy like my friends in boston.”
me (sarcastically): “by crazy, do you mean they don’t wear women’s hats when they go out to bars?”
graveley: “hey fuck you.”

but there is some truth to what he says.
we spent friday night at numerous bars,
getting really drunk and poking fun at all the corn-fed, cookie-cutter hipsters/scenesters.
not one minute after alex leaves for the restroom,
this kid walks up to me in a von dutch trucker hat,
throwing me his best mack line.

me: “where’d you get your clothes? urban outfitters?”
kid: “i love that store!”

regardless, there’s always something fun to do in san francisco.

clown porn, angry femme bands and an outdoor breakbeat renegade
all in the same night? i’m always amused.


oh, and i’m a hypocrite.
despite all my shit talking about the bay area party scene being so incestuous,
i have the hugest crush on brandon.
he’s got the dopest personality and dances so damn cute.
he’s so going to be mine. he just doesn’t know it yet. :)

currently listening to:

honey i’m still free

mini project

this evening, i wanted to check out imovie’s capabilities
so i dug up this low resolution mpg of joe and nat at charlies,
that i made on my nikon 4300,
tweeked around for a bit and created my first imovie.

[click on image to download 2.3mb file]


blue man group

last night, we went to see the blue man group.
nat’s charismatic aura never goes unnoticed.
the blue men flashed a huge spot light on him
and took him up on stage to assist them with a magic trick.

we were told not to take photographs during the show,
but that has never stopped me before.


haha! nat in the box! =P



the night of the blizzard.


our new kitten zoe, also referred to as, “the little one.”


currently listening to:

for the 80’s teenie bopper

time is the fire

last night,
before heading out to the good life and the enormous room
with fluffy, peachy keen, the bearded lady and poopy pants,
i finished my first ten minute short screenplay, titled “break.”
it’s more of a visual exposition than a screenplay really.
i’m a visualist, not a writer.
and because i’m not a writer, i’m afraid the piece will be misconceived.
so i won’t be showing it to anyone until i actually finish the film.



my camera is broken,
so nat has been so kind for letting me take photos on his camera.

currently listening to:

one of dj zinc’s henchman took bizet’s habanera and dropped some funky beats to it

this evening, nat's ipod saved my life

twenty minutes on the t.
twenty minutes in 10 degrees, -10 degrees windchill
to my hooey acting class
where we march around the room in a line,
flailing our arms, chanting nonsensical gibberish
like mentally challenged children,
“bong! whee! grr! clap!”
and where we live life by flying, floating, sculpting and radiating.

i’m tired of the juvenile improv games,
but i suppose it’ll teach me sobered uninhibitedness.

twenty minutes back to the t
and by then,
i can’t feel my lips
and my boogers have frozen,
but i don’t mind so much.

yeah, i’m still a sojourner in boston,
still the kid from california
decked out in the winter gear scarf, doo rag, gloves,
poofy jacket and cargo pants,
with my headphones tucked inside my ear,
singing along with jenny about the rocks she’s got.

life in boston has been quiet.
and just because i’m not the notoriously rowdy party kid anymore
doesn’t mean i’m not happy.

because i am.
i just miss you guys sometimes.

theatre and spectator.


late last night

late last night,
when it began snowing,
nat and i took a walk through the park.



currently listening to:

tell me you remember this classic

walking in a winter wonderland

“ever notice how everything is much quieter when it snows?”

despite all of your californian stereotypes of a december boston,
i think the winter here is really pleasant.
i love how the chilly air makes people’s noses and cheeks pink,
and at night,
how the street lights create this warm, benevolent atmosphere.

photos taken last night.
they’re pretty blurry but i love the colors.



almost 5am

i’m all alone and i can’t sleep.
it sounded like someone was banging on the furnace
with a hammer in the other room..
and the constant stomping down the hall..
i was a little terrified so
i grabbed bailey (my teddy bear), a blanket
and now i’m curled up in the recliner in the living room, twiddling on irc.
comedy central is on tv on high volume to amplify the eerie clamor.
the alex graveley christmas tree creates a friendly atmosphere.

i’m feeling extremely homesick and bereft right now.
i mean, i just left my family, all of my friends
and everything familiar back in california.

but it’s only week two.
i’ll eventually get over it.
i think once i start school,
i won’t feel so useless here.

oh, and i got a hair cut yesterday.


cough hack sniffle

last night,
the obtrusive stomping from the upstairs hallway
made me believe that
someone was stomping down our hallway.
then the walls would creak
and the furnace would squeak,
and suddenly there came a tapping,
as of someone gently rapping at my chamber door..

and me, i’m not so fond of battling the stomach flu in a haunted house.
i’m very grateful that i have nat to snuggle up next to at night,
but what will i do when he leaves on long business trips?

anyway, it hasn’t soaked in yet:
that i am now a brave new girl in a brave new world.

i wonder if she’s on an adventure too.


currently listening to:

nina’s always comforting in strange cities

recap la la la

things i’ve done in the past two weeks:

i flew to boston to see nat.
then we drove to new york with alex and joe (two of my favorite monkeys).
i’ve always thought that seeing les miserables on broadway
would be a culminating experience in musical theatre..
well, aside from london.

i’ve seen les mis eight or nine times.
how odd..
that i would be most unimpressed by broadway’s production.
fantine couldn’t reach soprano without cracking her ugly voice,
the sound was too low, the microphones had loose wiring somewhere,
and most of all, the cast didn’t have the *unf* to carry out a solid, vehement,
“tomorrow we’ll discover what our god in heaven has in stored,
one more dawn, one more day, ONE DAY MORE!”

“times square, one of the few places where i’m outside but i feel as if though i’m inside.”


alex, such a hottie.


late afternoon, before getting back to work,
melissa, in her flippity floppity sandals, and i
ran through the fierce, fierce rain.

ruberts by the window, while the thunder went, “bbrrrooooom!”


last night, a few of us checked out the opening of whisper,
a new club in san francisco.

jeremy dances to that tequila song.


harry who’s diva house is so geigh, but oh so much fun to dance to.


labor day weekend

“baby, i miss you.”
“i miss you too.”
“why don’t you come to boston this weekend?”

there are approximately one million single guys in the bay area,
but the only one who makes my feet tingle lives three thousand miles away.


cape cod.


me waving, “good bye boston!” in the callahan tunnel.


big up boston massif

randy took me to elements, boston’s drum&bass weekly at the phoenix landing.
i got to brock out with boston junglists to a-sides’ wicked wicked set..
the scene/vibe was resminiscent of phuturo, my current favorite sf jungle club.

al and them made fun of me because i said, “hella.”

yO evan, a-sides wanted me to tell you this.


woke up at 3pm.

first time on the t and it breaks down.
walked from boylston street to park avenue to catch the red line..
met up with mike and jeff in harvard square
and chatted about parallel jungle scenes.. “you can’t escape the drama..”
saw jeunet’s amelie at this old school theatre with nat..
dropped by joe and jacobs..

met this funny clown.


the count down

began at a hotdog stand in a crowded alley way.
my new years kiss left my feet tingling..
ran around chilly boston, warm and dreamy,
screaming , “happy new year!”

joe and peach – snausages!


some drunkard duct taped and paper toweled my bruised leg.. hrm.


ba doo dee doo

almost.. finished.. with.. neeeed sleeep..
we’re both sitting on our ;laptops in his living room being silly.
the maids are coming in a few hours. nat wants to know if i love him.

louis armstrong.. “i found my thrill on blueberry hill.. the moon stood still..
on blueberry hill and lingered until, my dream came trOooOooo..”

yes, nat. you are is my bitch.
nat: “you move me baby.” nat is drunk. no serious question grr.
“would you rather live it large, kick it old skewl or keep it real?”
and nat in his drunken *BURP* thinks
he and taylor have found the answer to doing all three.
WOW i’d like to know the answer!
nat’s answer: “watching fast times at ridgemont higsh whiles
watching it on a sony wega 36″ and munchin; on tacos bells YO”

“gone fishin.. instead of just a wishin..” i
keep forgeting to smoke mah scigarette OI.
“gone fishin.. ba doo ba doo.. fleas are bitring mr. sachoowan
gone fishin instead os justa wishin.. ba dooo ba doo ba doo OHHHH YEAH…..”
i think i love this boy.

hello from boston!

i’m breaking tradition this year.
rather than spending it with my dear friends at cloud factory’s annual nye party,
i’ve decided to spend it gallivanting around boston with nat.

we have no plans for tonight,
though i’d be happy with just kissing him at midnight.



i’m slowly falling in love with boston.
nat is a really great guy for typing this in his drunken stupor.