i'm a dork

he will be mine.
oh yesh, he will be mine.



when guys say,
“you’re the only girl i want to be with” and ask for commitment,

do they really mean,
“i don’t want to see you with any other guys, therefore..”

beer + internet = ?

saturday night:
alone in the apartment with five bottles of wheat beer
(damn the vegetarian roommate!),
in search of online drinking buddies,

resulted in:
a belligerent post to moc.

a response from a really cute boy:
MaitreyaBetraya (1:27 AM): you are really cracking me up with your posts on moc.
i’m still drinking, and it’s after 4 here EST!
mylai (1:28 AM): big up the east coast alcoholics!!

continued drunken babble between two moc kids:
MaitreyaBetraya (1:28 AM): plus, you’re hot and it looks like you’ve got a nice apartment,
based on the picture. nice furniture, and what not!
mylai (1:31 AM): OMG you’re cute too!
mylai (1:31 AM): lets get married!
MaitreyaBetraya (1:31 AM): for real.

then the realization that you can get married online,


omg w e would have the cutest kids!

ride with us

rick has gradually become my favorite person in the world.
he’s always down to party with me even if he has to get up at 7am the next day.
hardcore. we’re always laughing when we’re together.


last night we hit up nick’s jungle club and the red room.
OMG. i have never seen so many cute people packed into a bar before.
if you’re ever in santa cruz on a thursday night,
check out the red room.

also, i met a terribly cute boy named ben.

currently listening to:

dad used to dance around the house singing this

tuesday night

rick and i headed off to phuturo and impulse.

“hey there sweet thang, we should hit *hiccup* err hang out sometime.”
had enough whiskey there alex? :)


guess whose panties these belong to..


mmm donuts

saturday afternoon, i was pleasantly awakened by mike
who took me to the park with a dozen krispy kreme donuts..
and i spent the remainder of my weekend with him.

monday night

at secret society. yay underage drinking!

me, paula, jamie, becca by ryan, who shaves his nads.


they want me to spill the beans.
i can’t because nothing happened last night.

“damnit. do you even like me?”
“yes i do. in fact, a lot. which is why i’m leaving. good night.”


everytime he’s around,
i get a little nervous and
i never seem to know what to say..

i swear, i have the biggest crush on him.

there's something

charming about playful, witty-stupid college boys.
karaoke at the brit tonight, i heard the cutest rendition of to all the girls i’ve loved before
“i’m glad they came along, and hit my four foot bong..”

oh, and i chopped off a foot of hair.