tahoe, california

ending 2015 with a trip to the mountains with two of my best friends.
we were the last ones on the slope.

northstar tahoe ski lift
lake tahoe snow mountains
(vi chugging her vodka-filled water bottle before the big drop.)

snowboarding in zero visibility and fresh powder is the closest thing to flying;
i couldn’t think of a better way to say goodbye to the year (and such).

currently listening to:
if you keep your options open there are places you will go.


southern california

nye in new york plans fell through
and there was no way i was settling for a mediocre nye.

the day i was supposed to fly home,
i found out stones throw decided on a last minute all 45’s nye party (some pics) in los angeles
so i switched flights.

ridiculous new years. ridiculous. with some of my favorite people, with a new crush.
key number being nine, according to jonathan. (i was too thwacked out to remember.)

and i have been/am being absolutely stupid and unproductive until next monday
when i fly home and have to figure out what the heck i’m supposed to do in 2013.

venice beach.

venice beach sunset

my little moon and little star

came out again when we were in death valley the following evening.
tom sent me this picture yesterday when i got back to new york.

that little nub on the right, next to the bench, that’s me.

currently listening to:
the bends on repeat all day.

fake plastic trees

les vacances

in california for the next month.
starting with los angeles.

los angeles palm tree

courtesy of my iphone and some fancy app filter.

currently listening to:
bobby womack’s cover of california dreamin’.
i only really love the first forty seconds.

on such a winter’s day

drawbridge, ca

photo expedition with vincent,
who showed up with this ridiculous mustache.


we trespassed


two hours
through salt pans, wildlife refuge, train tracks, shrubs and icky bugs
to find this gem of a ghost town,
slowly sinking into the marshlands.


i’d like to think maybe this was, once upon a time, a brothel,
bustlin’ with drunken miners and scantily, colorfully dressed hookers.


and maybe this was the residence of shotgun nellie.


took a bunch more pics,
but i’m gonna spend the rest of the day with mommy and apa
before i have to fly back to new york tomorrow.