quando quando quando

i can’t find one specific photograph that represents
my whole weekend at the fnf campout;
there was so much going on.

and besides, this is what i saw for the majority of the time.
(“follow the orange! all i see is the orange!”)


some things i do remember:
• lounging in the hot tub when the thunder storm began.
we stayed in there regardless,
i mean we were already wet and it was warm in the hot tub.

• trying to pass out in my tent
but waking up to everyone screaming at the lightning flashes
and to tina yelling at me,
“veanne! wake the fuck up you weaksauce!”
opened up my tent to see a naked ryan and stacey running towards me
and then getting pounced on.

• during our hike,
i saw this native american man,
decked out in his full head gear,
staring at me from deep in the woods,
but then we got closer,
it was just a cluster of trees.
that was creepy.

• belligerent ryan talking to the sheeps and chickens. ba-ba-ba baGOk!

• ethan’s set saturday night, dancing with my friends
and feeling like, veanne.

the faeries, a lovely, colorful addition to the scenery.

the photograph looks fuzzy because my hand was sticky with sunblock
and i accidentally touched the lens. cool effect eh?

fire dancer.


in the garden, we found this greedy little thing that wouldn’t let go of ryan’s finger!


driving home.. this photograph reminds me of the city of lost children.


friends and family is a community of
beautiful, talented, diverse, thoughtful people
tied together by the appreciation of great music.
i am blessed to be a part of this unique community.
“come on veanne! it’s time to for the ceremony!”
“what’s the ceremony?”
“it’s like church. but not dumb.”

» »»

back in boston.

oode 6

i am incredibly grateful for being able to attend
such a special event that celebrates
friendship, music and joie de vivre.


saturday night, in the middle of the field,
backs on the ground, hand in hand, head on belly,
leg over arm, head on shoulders, hand in hand in hand,
while we all stared at the sky,
i realized how precious you all were and

“how wonderful life is, now you’re in the world…”