chillits and sunset

scott and i drove four hours up north
past this dinky hick town called willits
to marinate with naked hippies and old school ravers.
i decided to leave my ghetto rigged_duct taped digital camera at home
and borrowed my dad’s old school ricoh slr.
i haven’t shot on an slr since my trip to vietnam.

the photographs were developed today
and more than half of them were blurry and over/under exposed..
*sigh* i’ve become rusty.

becca and alida.




caryn, representing massive south bay talent.


self portrait in the restroom.


sunday afternoon,
on our way back,
we stopped by the sunset party in novato.


nat flies into town tomorrow. i’m so excited!

currently listening to:
do you know squarepusher?

pass the courvoisier

becky threw a pimp & hoes dress up party last night
for us good ol’ suburban kids.

cary, narcus, josh.


stuck on stupid

eklektic with li, caryn and giant turban.. err johnny turpin.

i seem to be on the red lighting in clubs tip. narkisse.


i got lost in the crowd again.

warm sunny days

whenever spring arrives,
this feeling of benevolence wafts about..
and everyone’s copulating like bunnie wabbits.
saturday bbq at the pleasuredome for jah’s birthday.

in the kitchen..



then i drove down to south san jose to meet up with mike.
we sat on top of a jungle gym at a playground near his dad’s house
and talked late into the evening.
there’s something delightful and sweet
about the quiet nocturnal setting of playgrounds
suffused with dim orange street lights.