good riddance

i cannot stand being around someone who scrutinizes my every move and nitpicks at my every flaw, but cannot see their own.

i cannot live with a petty, condescending roommate who constantly lectures me like a child.

she’s fun as a friend, but as a roommate, she sucks.
her presence irritates me
and i cannot stand all these screaming matches anymore with this neurotic, nagging bitch.

i’m moving out asap, even if it means i have to pay another month’s rent here.

*update* same day i tell her i’m moving out,
i find a sweet apartment in williamsburg. with a backyard.
credit approved. tomorrow i move out/in.

kittens anyone?

i’m fostering five adorable little kittens right now.
if you’re in new york and are interested in one, please let me know.

kitten details & pics are here.

also toss the url to anyone you know who might be interested.


i am livid.

catherine is getting on my last nerve.
i cannot stand people who constantly treat you like shit,
realize five minutes later that they were being jerks,
and then suddenly act all nicey-nicey as if though nothing ever happened.

it’s like DUDE,
you can’t treat people like that and not expect them to fight back.

i’m considering breaking the lease and moving out
otherwise i have to wait until october when the lease ends.

food poisoning sucks ass.

the last thing i remembered was the band doing sound check at rockwell in the l.e.s.,
and me telling tim, “i don’t feel so good.”

then all of a sudden we were outside,
someone yelling, “call 911!”
and some big random white dude feeding me water through a straw.
i was sweating balls, shaking and then my head was burrowed in tim’s lap in the taxicab,
thinking to myself, “please don’t vomit on tim’s three hundred dollar jeans. he will be very upset.”

right when the taxi arrived at the apartment, i projectile vomited.. on my arm, in my hair.
cat cleaned me up, changed me into my pajamas and i blacked out.

apparently i banged my head really hard against the table before i fell to the ground.
no, i wasn’t drunk, i wasn’t drinking;
it was a combination of food poisoning and an inability to battle that sucker
due to overworked exhaustion for the past two weeks.

sometimes i wonder what would happen to me if i didn’t have such great friends to take care of me.
my heroes saturday evening:



tim said he was scared. cat, however, said to me this morning,
“well now that it’s over with, it was kinda funny seeing your head smack the table like that.”

p.s. do not order the mahi mahi salad at alchemy in park slope.


it was such a beautiful day in brooklyn so
brooke, cat and i decided to ride our bikes from williamsburg to park slope
and had a picnic in the hills,
sipping beer from juice bottles through straws.

cat rigged my ipod and brooke’s speakers with her bikini top to the handlebars
so we could bump music during our little adventure.


we got a little too intoxicated,
got lost on our way back and somehow ended up by the manhattan bridge.


it took us three hours to get back to brooke’s.
sore, exhausted. spent the evening lounging, watching movies
and eating mexican food made by chinese.

brooke has the cutest cat.


currently listening to:

she bop

best song to have played while racing through the park at night.

goodbye sf bitches!

last friday, my last night in sf,
cat took me to club mighty to down coronas mixed with redbull
and i danced until 4am to some damn good techno.

now back at my parents house in elk grove.
it’s nice having mom take care of me and feed my belly.
i told her i was going to marry a girl like her one day.
she shook her head and let out a sigh.

and sure, why not.
here was my first attempt at narrative film making,
produced last year for my media production class.

“mỹ Ä‘en”, in english and vietnamese (with english subtitles)

total running time: 4:25.

currently listening to:
cat wouldn’t let me play oh l’amour in the car
because the last time i was heartbroken,
we blasted that song on repeat the whole time we drove to and back from lake tahoe.

so we sang along to


le weekend

although i love acting,
i’m not pursuing it as a career.
it’s just one of many hobbies, like taking pictures and playing records.
however, when a project comes along that fascinates me,
i try my best to be a part of it.

and other times, i just luck out.
i worked with felicia on the set of boxed up and superhero last month.
so when she asked me if i would be down to play a high school tomboy
for this short film she was directing, called detention, i was like, “oh hell yeah i’m down!”

carla, who plays one of my sisters.


saturday, cat, tom and i ran around the embarcadero singing and dancing
to the whole sound of music soundtrack.

we came up with this ingenious idea of gathering all of our friends
to remake that one scene where maria and the von trapp kids are running around town,
riding bikes, climbing trees, singing and dancing,
“do a deer a female deer. ray a drop of golden sun!”
how awesome would that be?!
a bunch of us in costumes made of flowery curtain fabric,
running around san francisco singing and dancing exactly like how they did in the movie!

muni bus whooshing by.


the little kid in front of me kept looking back at me, so i snapped a pic of him.


saturday night, josh’s birthday at the sold out kid koala show.
kid koala looks like. well. a kid.


mike relm. suffused in pink lighting.


[note infamous puppet sex scene from team america in the background]

i was trashed by the time i made it to club whisper for the evilbreaks/spacecowboy party.


brandon was so excited to see me that he grabbed my hand
and took me all around the club to introduce me to everyone as his girlfriend.
i thought it was incredibly cute.

currently listening to:
i’ve been listening to mike relm’s radio fryer all day. great, fun track selection.
everything from falco’s rock me amadeus to fur elise rmxed.
you all need to go to his site and get a copy. for real.

here’s a sample.

relm & josie

play it now. my baby..

i lost my voice screaming with joey, cat and tom
during the encore performance.


“you are the sun, i am the moon.
you are the words, i am the tune. play me.”

corniest lyrics ever,
but coming from him,
it was like.. magic.

poe has my flu, i think..

and subsequently has been sleeping in this one particular spot on my bed all day,
sneezing and giving me the evil glare
and refusing to move.

punkass hissed at me when i tried to push him off the bed.


thank you nico, vlad and joey

last thursday:
mom found me in bed with my head pressed against bailey’s belly
crying like a helpless idiot
and convinced dad to let me bring the piano to the house.

but i wasn’t really crying over the piano..
life has been a total jerk to me this month;
bad stuff keeps happening one after another….
and then i turned around to grab the tv remote
and i banged my knee on the corner of my bed frame really hard
and it hurt really bad.
it was like, “oh come on! what next?!” :(

mom suggested i spend the weekend in san francisco with friends
to de-stress.

veronica has a huge crush on mccauley caulkin so we went to see saved.
it was suppose to be a comedy damnit, not a love story.

joey and i saw an ethnic dance festival.
here i go again, sneaking in my camera.


[reminds me of being in a dream]

cat, chris and i went to the gay pride parade.


on the muni, on the way to getting mint chocolate chip milkshakes.


currently listening to:

corny 80’s music always cheers me up

blueish white

poe and twitch on my parents’ matching cellphones.


chopin ad nauseam

this evening, catherine, joey and i went to see a one-man play called
“the american appetite – tales of dirty young boys and spry old men.”

they were kind enough to let me take photographs.



sunday afternoon at the park,
dancing in the sunlight.

super cat.


banton and max.


michael liu on the decks.



the lovely miss caryn put together a trailer trash shindig for our darling josh, who’s leaving us for sacramento next week.
budweiser, wonderbread, tater tots, corn dogs, 100% ground beef, fish sticks, mmm mmm grease!

nat, me, cat and christophe decked out in proper gear.


back in california

the weather is grey and lifeless,
but i can always depend on chris and cat to make me smile.


i took some hilarious pics of cat with the cucumber in her mouth,
but i think she’ll kill me if she finds them online.