i am in love with a boy, manufactured to destroy.

wrapping presents with mister muffinhead.


two hours, three dozen christmas jingles later.


each year, our tree is different.
last year’s was pretty awesome.
this year’s…not sure why mom thought brown would be a good color.


i find out december 27th if this will have been our last christmas as a family.

christmas in a little town called elk grove.

making ornaments with old family photos.




mom brought home live lobsters. my best friend is fearless.


my dinner plate.


waiting for midnight to open presents.
getting lots of slobbering kisses from henri while joey takes a nap.


daddy handing out presents.


vinh loves me.


i got him finger toe socks.


how cute is momma with her new bathrobe? =)


aimee got vinh a rape whistle
(because you know, boys his size need some sort of protection against creepy dudes).
curious henri popped his head right up.


a few dozen more pictures, but i’m sleepy.
happy holidays everyone! <3

happy holidays!

before disbanding,
the devoe street girls had a christmas spectacular
by ice skating near the rockaways
and getting our picture taken with santa.

i think santa was high.

currently listening to:
pink martini’s non-denominational holiday album is really well produced.
definitely check it out.

songs in yiddish, ukrainian…
i especially love the european, spanish textures in this chinese classic.


a cloud away from seeing the sunshine

adam made me a song for christmas,
but was hesitant about giving it to me because he said,
“this is the gayest shit i’ve ever produced.”

i listened to it and yeah, it’s the gayest shit he’s ever produced.
but it’s still pretty cute.

bring the sunshine

(vocals and background vocals going, “ooooh” are all him.)

wrapping presents

i decided to make my own christmas gift tags this year
with some of my favorite images from the holiday font.



thought i’d share: click here to download.
(looks best printed on card stock/heavy paper.)

it's all good.

home at the parents.
dad is in se asia
so i’ve been sleeping with mom despite having my own bedroom here
because her bed is awesome and i miss being close to her,
even though i have to kick her in the back every other hour to keep her from snoring.

happy holidays!



currently listening to:
adam is a total punkass who likes to take advantage of my gullibility,
but he produces some good stuff, some damn good stuff.

the stoop

download his album here.

screw sponge bob. i want a sponge job.

2003 was suppose to be the year of projects
but i think most of it was spent flying.


the past two weeks:
i wanted to forget it was christmas..
spend it alone
frollicking around the flat in my undies.

but sebastian wouldn’t have it and flew me out to arizona
to spend christmas with his family.
i was charmed by his mother,
who dances along to europa.fm.ro
and his father,
who we caught daydreaming during jeunet’s amelie.

sebby got me a vintage 8mm movie camera.


i made a brief appearance at the dna lounge.


went snowboarding with zachary on 2.5 hours of sleep.


nye with 25 friends nibbling on tapas at andalu.
i haven’t seen the south bay kids since august.
i swear, you will never find another group of people with
such distinct personalities, strong opinions
and omg.. the funniest dialogues.

li is one of my favorites.


the entrance to a clandestine warehouse party we stopped by.


my new year’s kiss:
the cutest boy in the world called me seconds to midnight from las vegas
and kissed me over my cell phone. :)

currently listening to:

when we kiss they’re perfectly aligned