have been feeling a bit disconnected in groups recently so i opted instead,
for a non-traditional thanksgiving this year.

spent the day at a convalescent home with kimmie in morningside heights.
because we love old people. because they tell the best stories.
however, big pet peeve: when volunteers talk to the residents in saccharine baby talk.
it’s condescending, disrespectful. i mean, some of these people survived the f’in holocaust.

then had a quiet dinner with tom and shot some cityscape.

new york buildings

new york buildings

landscape photography was never really my thing, but it’s nice to switch it up sometimes.
also, i’m pleasantly surprised by how much better tom has gotten since he started last year.
you can check out some of his work here:

hello sf

nice to see you again, i hope you’ve been doing well.

san francisco skyline

p.s. i always cringe whenever people say, “san fran.”