voice post.

proof that i’m a big fat tard when i’m drunk.

calling in lj

(i lost my voice from screaming all night.)

he's gonna drop alien girl..

i totally miss you rick.
so tonight,
a bunch of us are gonna head down south to check out your weekly club night.

yO peeps,
come out and support san jose drum&bass.


headliner has my two favorite guys tagteaming
and two for one sake bombs all night.
how much better can it get? :)


last night at club elements,
i turned off the flash on my camera.the results.

[though you won’t see much if your monitor is set to really dark]




the dancers remind me of sci-fi monsters.

currently listening to:

one of the most beautiful drum&bass tracks ever produced

goodbye dear friends

i didn’t want to make such a big fuss about leaving the bay area
but it would be sort of shady of me to not have a farewell get together with you guys.
so thursday night at incognita will be my last night to kick it with you wonderful people.
please come. your attendance would be much appreciated.

here’s osby’s bsp to sfraves:
On Wed, 11 December 2002, “Osby Jamz” wrote:
Hey… there’s gonna be like this South Bay Invasion comin’ up @ Incognita this Thursday…. check it out:
Anywaze, The Bay Area will be sayin’ Have a gRoovy trip 2 Boston C U soon
2 our DNB/2-Step/Breakbeats Spinstress Diva, Mylai in a Huge way!!!

Killa Subz Homies will be hosting the Jungle room while
Bay Area BreakBeat Super Heros will be spinning in the other room!!
It’s gonna be so fun!!! Grrrrrrr… but there’s so many Groovy things goin’ on that night…OMG!!! It’s so hard 2 decide!!!
But I know this will be 1 of my Mondo stops of the night ’cause I Love My Mylai!!!


recap la la la

things i’ve done in the past two weeks:

i flew to boston to see nat.
then we drove to new york with alex and joe (two of my favorite monkeys).
i’ve always thought that seeing les miserables on broadway
would be a culminating experience in musical theatre..
well, aside from london.

i’ve seen les mis eight or nine times.
how odd..
that i would be most unimpressed by broadway’s production.
fantine couldn’t reach soprano without cracking her ugly voice,
the sound was too low, the microphones had loose wiring somewhere,
and most of all, the cast didn’t have the *unf* to carry out a solid, vehement,
“tomorrow we’ll discover what our god in heaven has in stored,
one more dawn, one more day, ONE DAY MORE!”

“times square, one of the few places where i’m outside but i feel as if though i’m inside.”


alex, such a hottie.


late afternoon, before getting back to work,
melissa, in her flippity floppity sandals, and i
ran through the fierce, fierce rain.

ruberts by the window, while the thunder went, “bbrrrooooom!”


last night, a few of us checked out the opening of whisper,
a new club in san francisco.

jeremy dances to that tequila song.


harry who’s diva house is so geigh, but oh so much fun to dance to.


down it.

friday night,
guest listed at ghetto clubs in downtown san jose
with karla, ranie, john, vi, cedrick, paula, mark, cathy..
same shit, different weekend.

me and vi


today, mike and i checked out “24 hour party people”,
an excellent film on the launch of factory recordings in manchester..
which of course, partially initiated the beginning of electronic music
and the scene as we know it today.

one of the funniest, coolest guys i know.


killasubz at club icon

the cactus club closed down a few weeks ago due to a cabaret law violation.
killasubz was forced to change venues.
tonight, we (paula, christy and i) checked out the new locale.

ghetto junglists in a# hoodies gyrating like monkeys to 180bpm boom-kak
in a futilely renovated wannabe studio 54.

as much as everyone ragged about the urine reeked cactus club,
their cozy, informal atmosphere was appropriate for our laid back, 18+ wednesday evenings.

i love jungle and i’m usually down to support our local scene..
but frankly,
i don’t think i will be returning to the humorless club icon anytime soon.





stuck on stupid

eklektic with li, caryn and giant turban.. err johnny turpin.

i seem to be on the red lighting in clubs tip. narkisse.


i got lost in the crowd again.

make me bark

i played at halflife tonight.

[pic by rick]

per max’s request, i dropped the cheesiest jump-up i could find in my closet.
miranda called me her “jump-up hero.”

john's birthday

bouncy hip hop at club icon.


karla and vi.

currently listening to

check baby check baby 1-2-3-4

an sibin



tuesday night

rick and i headed off to phuturo and impulse.

“hey there sweet thang, we should hit *hiccup* err hang out sometime.”
had enough whiskey there alex? :)


guess whose panties these belong to..


girls night out

we ditched the forum idea because frankly,
none of us were in the mood for porn stars, fobs and thugs.
so vi, julianne, paula, stacey, ranie, imelda and i
ended up at club Q in palo alto with preppy stanford boys and trendy hip hop.

club tip of the night:
to catch a guy’s attention,
slightly brush your chest across his arm as you pass him and say, “excuse me” while smiling all seksi.
does it work? i don’t know. i felt a little detached tonight.

my friends are adorable though.


monday night

at secret society. yay underage drinking!

me, paula, jamie, becca by ryan, who shaves his nads.


they want me to spill the beans.
i can’t because nothing happened last night.

“damnit. do you even like me?”
“yes i do. in fact, a lot. which is why i’m leaving. good night.”


i haven’t played out for months and as well, concluded that i wouldn’t be in the future.
i decided, “hrm.. i am going to give up djing.”
so i sold the mixer to hikaru.

.. then snarefin aims me a few days ago.


dna lounge