austin, texas

corey and i got inked this 4th of july weekend. the amen break.
i have the first two bars, corey has the last two.
because our 16-year friendship all started with the mutual obsession of this drum loop.

raw sound wave, straight from the original sample:

veanne cao

have had the domain for about a decade.
have had random offers and have been threatened with legal action (“we copyrighted the name!!”),
but it wasn’t until this morning that i decided to make use of it.

for a while, my friends and i have been sharing
old school drum&bass/breaks/house/trance – electronic mixtapes.
i was thinking, why not just spread the love?

i’ve enlisted corey’s help to build the website with me.
it’ll be private for a while, sharing with friends,
until we figure out the legalities.

afternoon at the coffee shop, designing. work in progress:

share/listen/download mixtapes with us.
coming soon.

currently listening to:
it was actually this track from mars’ 1997 mixtape that got me inspired,
which jeremy sent to me last year.


yes, i used to listen to trance. *bows head down in shame*

venice beach, ca

i’ve been staying with my old buddy corey,
his beautiful wife and two awesome dogs this week during the shoot.
my last night here, they took me to the food trucks in venice beach.

pork ribs, macaroni and cheese grilled cheese sammich. the best.


“what is this piece of wood and why does it cost thirty bucks?!”
“um veanne, i think that’s the tag for the actual item.”

oh, i am the smartest.

makes me want to beat my wife

“are you a hacker?”
“then why are you here?”
“the free booze.”

corey messaged me last tuesday
saying he had a room at the monte carlo in vegas for a week
and said i should hitch a ride with montell the next morning to come hang out.

i’m definitely not a groupie but after defcon,
i have to admire hackers for their curious nature.

we drove through the mojave desert in 110 degrees weather with no air-conditioning.



only to be blinded by flickering lights and buttcrack.


three photos for monte’s defcon metaphor..
“it’s like a week-long marathon!”




nothing like raunchy fun, a broken bathroom sink
and stumbling through the casino back to your own hotel room at 7am drenched in water
to remind you of how great it is sometimes to not care.

oh, and i was not a poopypants at defcon.
i was a good sport.

i let geeks stick stickers on my belly.


currently listening to:

this song
is the most appropriate.

tick tick tick

i am bored.
i am bored bored bored.
i am bored bored bored bored bored.

my current mini-projects aren’t satiating.
boston is a charming town,
but i am uninspired.

i don’t feel like veanne.
i don’t feel gregarious, funny, quick-witted, spontaneous..
i am wobbly and weak and inadequate.
i have been constantly sick since i came here and
i can’t kick it.

i am ready to go home
and find myself again.

happy days..
me, running through a novato field, a summer day long ago.

[pic by corey]


nicola.. and corey.