another eight hours in two hours.

so like i told kalli, i’ve developed this shyness of taking pictures of random strangers.
like they’re minding their own business, doing their thing
and then i feel rude coming up to them and snapping away,
like they’re spectacles or something.
so i’ve been shooting a lot of random, non-human pictures recently.

printed two rolls today and mailing out thirty-five of them as postcards
to those of you who requested them.

here are a few:









da lat, vietnam



her children bought her this house in da lat where she lives by herself.
she’s a tiny eighty-year old woman
and the house is so massively huge that she can’t clean up everything
and she doesn’t want to hire maids because she’s afraid they’ll steal from her.

so i spent yesterday
sweeping, mopping, dusting cobwebs and killing various critters around the house.
i hate cockroaches. especially the flying ones. die biotch!

vi wants me to post pictures of cute vietnamese boys,
and omg i met the cutest boy yesterday.


his parents named him “lucky.” how cute is that? :)

the idea of sleeping in mosquito netting seemed awfully romantic..
until i pulled down the netting and half a dozen dead flies dropped out.


but of course, i had to sleep with it anyway,
otherwise the mosquitoes would have gotten to me again.
i feel so dirty.