my father, the audiophile

when people wonder where my fondness for collecting all things obsolete comes from…

dad used to be an audio/video engineer back in the days of analog.
during the digital shift, he basically decided, “i’m too old to learn all this shit,”
retired, and started collecting gear.

this isn’t even 1/10 of what’s scattered around the house.

we argue, a lot. he makes me so angry sometimes that i just want to shake him.
the rare times we do get along are when we’re together in his listening room
playing billie holiday records and agreeing on things like,
“they don’t make music like how they used to.”

and then i introduced him to wilco the other day and he said, “oh, this is good.”


christmas in a little town called elk grove.

making ornaments with old family photos.




mom brought home live lobsters. my best friend is fearless.


my dinner plate.


waiting for midnight to open presents.
getting lots of slobbering kisses from henri while joey takes a nap.


daddy handing out presents.


vinh loves me.


i got him finger toe socks.


how cute is momma with her new bathrobe? =)


aimee got vinh a rape whistle
(because you know, boys his size need some sort of protection against creepy dudes).
curious henri popped his head right up.


a few dozen more pictures, but i’m sleepy.
happy holidays everyone! <3

it's tricky is the title, here we go..

i feel very small here.


i found this while packing.


i was a funny looking kid,
but apa looks like such a badass with that video camera in one hand, ciggie in the other.

always tagging along,
being surrounded by audio/video gear growing up,
i should’ve guessed i would’ve ended up just like him (in all my sweaty glory).

one of the perks of this job:
i got to meet dmc of run mthrfckn’ dmc!!!

an eight-second clip of his performance i shot today.

last week [in pictures]

knob tweekin’ at the evil breaks beach party.


“the psytrance room smells like hippies.”


evil furballs on their spaceship plot to take over the earth.


li’s camera phone has a flash. dur. i did not know this.


roof dwellers at the haight street fair.


used bin at amoeba records


at the clothes swap,
we played a mean game of poker.


got really irie and watched vi and donna’s cable access tv show.
it was hella funny.


tag. you’re it.


hazy rocks.


apa’s favorite koi fish jumped out of the pond and committed suicide.
he’s been terribly depressed about it.
brandon suggested that we get him a new one for father’s day.


currently listening to:
i like hazy because they sing ridiculously silly songs about ridiculously silly things.

no more red meat

goofiness runs in the family

big head and i printed out this photo.


and framed it for the old man.

» »»

memorial day weekend 2001,
danny and i made beats on his laptop
during a twelve hour drive to oregon.
today, i found the reason file for the first song i ever made on a back-up cd.

the track names made me smile. so unprofessional. :)


currently listening to:

dad used to sing santana a lot when i was younger

blueish white

poe and twitch on my parents’ matching cellphones.


viva l'independence!

this morning, on my way to work,
i stopped by the bank to deposit a dollar bill into my account
so that my rent check wouldn’t bounce.

what a glorious life..
my father would be so proud. :)

missed them!

mom and dad are home from their one month vacation in thailand and vietnam,
tanned and healthy as ever.

dad bought me a pipa as an early birthday present.


i'm self-sufficient, but this is sweet.

my dad told me that it doesn’t matter how rich or powerful a man is,
all he needs to win my dad’s approval
is to love his daughter,
take care of her
and stand by her no matter what.

“because that is the type of man i respect.”

i really love hearing my dad laugh.

he has this exuberant “woo hoo whoop!”

an amp from his antique collection.


and his early 1900’s camera.
i am so jealous.


currently listening to:

perfectly matching my mood

little veanne

when i was really young, i was notorious for being impish and stubborn.
my conventional parents used to discipline me and vinh by spanking us (of course, this was acceptable at the time).

one afternoon, i got ahold of a crayola crayon box and began drawing a myriad of little stick-figured men on my bedroom wall.
my dad was furious! he unbuckled his belt and whipped me.
i didn’t cry this time. instead, i banged my head against the wall, clenched my fists and smacked myself repeatedly.

“YOU CAN’T HURT ME! I can hurt me more than YOU can!!”

and continued deliriously slamming my tiny frame against the wall.
the initial expression of bewilderment on my dad’s face ceased and he jerked his head back, laughing.

they stopped spanking me after that afternoon.