planes, trains and automobiles (and ferries)

edinburgh castle.

edinburgh castle

robertons close. me, by dave.

robertsons close, edinburgh

old town.
i get chills thinking about the deteriorating underground city beneath these streets.

old town edinburgh

en route to glasgow.

train scotland

famous music venue in glasgow.

barrowland, glasgow

haggis. not bad at all. minus the tidbit aftertaste of earwax.


okay, i’m stupid. i know. but i was really excited to see the red telephone booths
so i made dave stand in front of them and took a picture.


on the ferry back to dunoon.
why does the third black body in the middle not have a head like the first two?

dunoon ferry

currently listening to:
frank stanley’s 1910 recording of “auld lang syne” makes me all teary.

auld lang syne

ginseng tree trunks, rockin the p-funk

from nerdy hipster
to azn thug.

he reminds me of one of uncle benny’s henchmen.
you know, the one who’ll beat your face in
if he catches you smiling at the boss man’s girl and shit.

currently listening to:
back to mos def on repeat.

ms. fat booty

summer romance

borrowed kim’s panasonic lumix.
i kinda miss the whole point and shoot aesthetic.

saturday, coney island for the siren music festival.


and some disgustingly wonderful food


and some rides.



day turned into night and somehow we ended up having a typical new york date night
at a cute restaurant and at the ice cream factory on dumbo’s waterfront.

(camera batteries died just when i took this picture.)

sunday brunch with friends, saw inception (which was awesome),
and then hit up another show at the williamsburg waterfront.


pretty crazy about him.


currently listening to:
if the dj hadn’t dropped rock steady at the woods,
i wonder if we would’ve met.

“you gave me the best smile. it felt like christmas.”
“dude, that’s totally a line from charlyne yi’s ‘paper heart.'”

steady rockin’ all night long.

weekend in the catkills

an every few months or so escape from the city noise.

gina and jenni.


i’ve decided, for halloween, imma dye henri orange; barkley from sesame street.


it was so dark at night that being outside surrounded by fireflies
felt like being surrounded by stars.

(don’t worry, i set them free.)

<3 dave, who had no experience in the kitchen, but was down to de-head and gut a slimy catfish for me.

rain playing fetch with the dogs.


a few more pictures here.

currently listening to:
lots of billie holiday from my iphone speakers while lying on the dock of the pond.

no regrets

que sera sera

dinner at loreley’s with good friends spitting raunchy jokes over german meatballs,
discovering amazing new artist at the bowery,
rompers with pockets, flats
and warm, warm late night walk in chinatown with dave.


if the rest of the summer is like yesterday,
it’ll be a very good summer.

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i’ve been avoiding the q train.

i thought i saw your face today

goa in the morning, goa in the evening

i really try to avoid having to interact with low-class assholes,
but somehow he snuck into my life.

he’s this uneducated country bumpkin who left his wife and two children for my aunt.
then his wife showed up to my grandmother’s funeral to bitch out my aunt.
then he knocked up my aunt twice and left her.
then he heard that my parents were sponsoring my aunt and the children to come to the united states.
so then he convinced my aunt that she can’t raise two sons without a father
and all this bullshit about how he’s really in love with her and marries her..
while he’s still married to the other woman!

my parents were reluctant about bringing him to the united states,
but then my aunt spent two days crying on the phone with my mother.
my mother finally said, “i hate him, but i love my sister.”
so he gets his plane ticket here.

i can ramble on and on about the hundreds of idiotic things he’s said and done in the past six months,
but the worst has to be from last week,
when my uncle found an email from that maggot to his wife in vietnam
saying how when he makes enough money,
he’s going to leave my aunt and bring her to the united states.

i want my mother to knock some sense into my aunt,
but my mother said that she isn’t too bright, has very low self-esteem..
i feel sad for her. i feel sad for their children.

most of all,
i dislike having to pretend that i don’t know what’s going on
because every time i see that rat husband of hers,
i just want to punch him in the face.

i cut my hair on saturday.


it’s just a blurry webcam shot because it was nothing special.

oh, and on friday, i went to 550 to celebrate david’s birthday.
it was goa:psy trance night so the main room reeked of b.o. and patchouli.
nevertheless, it was nice to see some familiar faces. *coughbrandoncough*

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omg i love this remix!


summertime and the livin' is easy.

spent the weekend at dave’s house
by the beach in rockport with a few friends..
watched the meteor shower on the lush, grassy hill.

saturday afternoon, while lying on the grass,
reading h.g. wells’ the island of dr. moreau,
this little bug flew next to me and hung out with us for a bit.

hello there!


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kiss him on the cheek and life’s okay