goodbye saigon!

i don’t have a camera with me,
but my macbook has a webcam that records video.
a tiny bit of my life in saigon:

afternoon thunderstorm in my cousin xiu’s bedroom (trt: 00:21):
(if you look closely, you can see a little gecko crawl across the wall in the background)

while on the front porch of my aunt’s house (trt: 00:17):

last night was my last night here,
and the saigon entourage sans tommy (who had to shoot until 2am)
took me out to dinner at ngoc xuan’s and club barocco to bid me farewell.
thanks davey for setting everything up. you’re the best.

here are some pics from dinner.

two months later,
one hundred and fourteen page first draft of screenplay done.
tonight i fly back to california.

see some of you very soon! <3

currently listening to:
my heart belongs to the breakbeat,
but i’ve been diggin’ house here at the clubs.