happy birthday to me.

my friends are scattered around the world,
but i found a way for twenty of us to do something together for my birthday this year.

the request was simple.
1. blast wreckx-n-effect’s “rumpshaker”
2. hit record on the camera
3. dance
4. send me the footage

happy holidays!

before disbanding,
the devoe street girls had a christmas spectacular
by ice skating near the rockaways
and getting our picture taken with santa.

i think santa was high.

currently listening to:
pink martini’s non-denominational holiday album is really well produced.
definitely check it out.

songs in yiddish, ukrainian…
i especially love the european, spanish textures in this chinese classic.


the french and the norwegian

gaute needed headshots for a catering gig.
only in new york (and maybe l.a.) do you need headshots for a job that entails serving food.

anyway, we decided to walk around and take some pictures afterward for fun.


i asked gaute to tell didi the story of how he met his boyfriend while she filmed it.

i found it odd that her sincere reaction was captured as contrived.
maybe that’s the drawback of being so pretty.

currently listening to:
i’ve been in a nasty funk recently.
and singing along to pink martini,
forgetting that i need to get my shit together and hustle asap
before life passes me by.

je ne veux pas travailler

friday night




i am the best photographer.


i don’t know who this kid is, but he was fun.


kim in bliss with her taco at the woods.


not just any good time…


friday night was also the first night the four of us have ever gone out together.


currently listening to:
not a huge fan of indie rock,
but i really like arcade fire.

so you’re standing on the opposite shore.

vice/intel creators project launch

lots of inspiring art installations.


when i first saw the enter the ninja video,
i was like, “are you f’n serious?”
but die antwoord live was insanely fun.

i wish i was a little bit taller, i wish i was a baller.


crushed by people drenched in sweat from all sides, pushed here, shoved there, no where to go.
molested by greasy, creepy dude on acid before the crowd got the bouncers to escort him out.

special guest performance by: well hello M.I.A.!


currently listening to:
die antwoord.

zef side

90° sunday

painting and prancing around in bikini tops, pj bottoms, carelessly tied back hair.

called daddy to wish him a happy father’s day.
he asked what i was doing.
when i told him,
he said, “but you don’t know how to paint!”
so i said, “it’s okay, i’ll figure it out.”

et voilà!


i’m done. didi’s finishing up.


currently listening to:
crista plays bass for lion of ido
so i decided to check out their tracks.
got this one stuck in my head.

i know i am hard to love

didi and i have made it our summer theme song.

didi et fifi sont bffs.

never been a huge fan of final cut pro’s color correction tools.

while grilling leftover steak and ribs from saturday’s bbq,
spencer, sara’s friend (and a professional editor/filmmaker),
gave me an overview tutorial of apple’s color software.


sex, lies and sunshine. love songs and land mines.

mike del rio / bmi cmj showcase at crash mansion.


the drummer kicked so much butt.


didi and maikel came along with.


leaving next friday for california.
now probably isn’t the best time to fall in love.

currently listening to:
on the way back to brooklyn, that’s when i knew that we were something.

mike del rio

in these dreams i've loved you so, that by now i think i know

“i wanna go to niagara falls.”
“me too.”
“lets go.”

and so began ervin, didi and veanne’s last minute road trip to canada.



i dunno.. they were just really big, fat waterfalls.
maybe i’m less impressed because there was so much hype surrounding it,
but at least i can now cross it off my list of places to go.

“all u can eat breakfast buffet for $6.99″


a really bad idea
after driving eight hours straight through the night.

house party in the lower east side

i got your message.


[by julian]

vinny, our gracious host.


shawn came to visit. it felt like having a piece of home with me.


[also by julian]

the pretty ones cannot be trusted.





i have adorable roommates


who also happen to be like, a foot taller than me,
so i always look like a potato standing next to them.



lazy summer sunday,
my pretty roommate in the backyard [with the new fence!].




a few more here.