so this guy bought his wife a three month old puppy.
wife found out she was pregnant shortly afterward
and decided she didn’t want the puppy anymore.
husband’s cousin lived next to an abandoned building in the projects
so they tossed the puppy in the basement there
where he lived for almost a year with no human interaction
except for when the cousin would come once every few days
to dump food and water.

by the time the dog was rescued,
he was covered in mites, scabs and patches of missing hair.
his eyes were going a million different directions
and he was terrified of everyone, everything.

when rain told me this story, my heart broke.
how can anyone treat an animal like that?

i couldn’t resist.
went to the shelter thursday to meet the little guy and took him out for a walk.
he was timid, scared, but super sweet and super curious.

and friday i brought him home.
gonna foster him until we can find someone to adopt him.

meet rocky.


he’s surprisingly a really smart dog.
the trainer at the shelter taught him basic commands like sit, stay and drop it
and he’s well socialized with people and other dogs
(even though henri punks him around all the time).

he loves to play, very affectionate (he’s actually curled up next to me on the couch right now)
and has already made himself quite comfortable in the home.

anyway, if you’re in new york or know someone in new york
looking to adopt a shiba inu,
hit me up.
he’s adopted!

henri is eleven months old.

not sure how many futurama fans there are out there,
but the ending of the ‘jurassic bark’ episode has to be the saddest thing ever.

[click here to view, if video doesn’t load.]

henri’s sprawled out next to me sleeping,
and i’m crying because this episode makes me realize
how much i love him
and how one day
he is going to be a very old dog.

rosemead, california

isabella loved henri very, very much.


they played


and played.


but when the weekend ended and we had to leave, i told izzy to say goodbye to henri,
and she screamed, “no!”

and cried


and cried.


doggie this, doggie that.

when jimmy and i broke up,
i lost my photo adventure partner in crime
and consequently have been very uninspired to take much photos.

but ever since i got henri,
i’ve been meeting so many wonderful dogs and taking tons of doggie pictures.
now seriously considering being a pet photographer.

kyle’s olivie


alex’s alvin


a pug named simon i met at my neighborhood dog run


rain’s kit


and of course, henri


who has his own blog
not because i’ve become some fanatic who’s obsessed with their dog,
but because my family and friends keep asking for pictures,
so i figured it’s easier than sending mass emails every other day.

currently listening to:
the line that gets me, “somewhere maybe someday, maybe somewhere far away.”

little person

last night

over beers and bbq ribs,
jimmy and i wrote the greatest love story. ever.
except that it’s centered around canadian sled dogs
and a little terrier in search of the perfect heinie.

anton said i’d be nuts if i ever tried to produce this,
but i think it’d be fun to direct dogs.
emma would be my first pick.

coming soon someday..


blueish white

poe and twitch on my parents’ matching cellphones.


shimmy shimmy

friday night, rick and i got skilly.


saturday night, uk garage at the tenderloft.


yesterday, i babysat twitch, vinh’s new labrador puppy.
twitch is a very dumb dog.
i left briefly to check my email and when i returned,
he was chewing on a piece of poop he had just pooped.
EWWW! what kind of dog eats his own poop?!
then i thought to myself,
“OH DEAR GAWD. i just left him lick my face.”