kate of kate hall my super dainty kate

donal was in town so we hung out for a bit,
catching up, running lines, being stupid.

and did an impromptu 15 minute shoot in front of my apartment, 10 minute edit.

donal thoms cappello

i love that he said, “no, keep my lines. they’re me.”

donal thoms cappello

whore in my bed, but hey.

gave donal about three dozen wonderbread, boy next door headshots to choose from
that ought to make his agent very happy.

i still like the one unusable for a headshot picture where he’s not looking at the camera most.


not too long ago, vi and i were talking about random, stupid stuff.
she was like, “guys who can roll a joint with one hand, sexy.”
and i said, “guys who can talk parallel universes with me, sexy.”

so i was taken aback when donal and i were in his pop pop’s oldsmobile
driving through marina del rey,
talking about recent books we were reading and he went, “oh! machio kaku.”

douchebag vato or something.


oh, so what was my point?
the almost two hour drive to rosemead wasn’t unbearable.
esp. since i got enthusiastically serenaded with nkotb jams. +1

westwood, ca

recording adr today.
masami in the studio, view from the sound booth.


also saw a rough cut, was pleasantly pleased.
a few tweeks here and there and masami has a film.

los angeles, ca

back on the west coast this week for pick up shots.

lying on the grass all day,
pretending like we haven’t seen each other for five months.


donal told me his parents read my blog entry about him.
i wanted to crawl in a hole and die of embarrassment.
still, the entry was more so about the acting craft
and how it can really mess with your head, your emotions.

this sounds like a cop out.

kate & petruchio

i didn’t like donal very much when i first met him.
i thought he was arrogant and superficial.
he’s gorgeous and charming as shit, but i saw right through his act.

but then we were put through this journey where we were with each other every day,
going through these intense scenes together where we were
constantly opening ourselves up to give an honest performance for the camera.
constantly flirting, constantly holding hands,
constantly pretending we were in love with each other.
then at some point, i’m not sure when exactly, something happened.
i blurred the line between acting and actually falling for him.

but then, after the final scene, dana yells, “it’s a wrap!”
suddenly i’m left outside, alone with him, saying goodbye.
he leans in, kisses me and my whole world starts spinning and spinning.
he lets go of my lips, my hands, and walks away.

my heart sinks. and the sinking lingers and lingers because it’s ending,
and i’m left standing alone, left dangling.

thing is, did i fall for tristan, the character, or donal, the actor playing tristan?

“you’re such a heartbreaker.”

“takes one to know one.”

what an adventure this has been.

acting, shooting, directing…
whichever role i take on, i’m happiest when i’m making films.

adelina as ruby, my mentor.


donal in my character’s art studio.


i emailed masami some pictures of my bedroom last month
and she included some old cameras in the set design,
just like the ones i have in my bedroom. very cool. :)


tara blew up frame grabs of me & donal from the video shoot
and created eight amazing art pieces.


it’s still crazy surreal seeing your face plastered all over the walls.


rain said, “doesn’t look like you one bit.
looks like it came straight out of suzie wong.”


sunday’s art gallery shoot was the most cluttered, scattered, hectic,
but for most of the shoot, i felt like i was alone with donal tristan
in the middle of a room, swirling with bits, odds and ends.

kinda sad that it’s all over now.

my tristan

donal made me cry today during rehearsal.
masami whispered something in his ear before we started the scene
and like…
jerk broke my heart.

emotionally overexerted and hungry.