saturday night in dumbo.

2016 is proving to be a rather charming year.

manhattan bridge, brooklyn bridge, dumbo

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all the other kids with the pumped up kicks you better run, better run….

hey ma

i had dinner a few nights ago with phan and two of his finance friends.
listening to the two of them talk felt like watching a pissing contest.
money money hot bitches dumb bitches “only time i want to see fat people is in the gym”

and all i kept thinking was, wow.
i am so far removed from that world.

talent is sexier than muscles,
and a sweet guy would win my heart any day over a guy with disposable income.

but not like it matters anyway,
because no one loves me this year
so i spent valentine’s evening with a pizza,
editing pictures from a quick shoot from the previous day.

the rest are up at mackler studios.

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i think this is my favorite winehouse track.
since i’ve come on home, well my body’s been a mess.


summer romance

borrowed kim’s panasonic lumix.
i kinda miss the whole point and shoot aesthetic.

saturday, coney island for the siren music festival.


and some disgustingly wonderful food


and some rides.



day turned into night and somehow we ended up having a typical new york date night
at a cute restaurant and at the ice cream factory on dumbo’s waterfront.

(camera batteries died just when i took this picture.)

sunday brunch with friends, saw inception (which was awesome),
and then hit up another show at the williamsburg waterfront.


pretty crazy about him.


currently listening to:
if the dj hadn’t dropped rock steady at the woods,
i wonder if we would’ve met.

“you gave me the best smile. it felt like christmas.”
“dude, that’s totally a line from charlyne yi’s ‘paper heart.'”

steady rockin’ all night long.