as the clouds roll by

anytime sean calls me to see if i’m down to shoot stills for him,
i’m always like, “oh hell yeah!”

because it is one of the far and few times i get to hang out with some of the hardest working people
who also happen to be a bunch of perverted dorks
who make the fourteen-hour work day delightfully fun.

i took a lot of pictures of people looking left.





dustin and ephraim.




take note of this photo of anthony and how normal he looks.


i have a massive bruise on the back of my head because we played ugliest face
and anthony busted out this gnarly ass impression of sloth from the goonies
that scared the crap out of me
and i flew back in my chair
and *smacked* my head against the railing at chili’s.

how to make babies cry.


gad damn.


last week of summer

i spent labor day weekend at becca’s house on the russian river
with the biggest pervs in the bay area.

stickman is teh ghey.


more pics here.

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friday night,
brenna, stacey and i hiked a mile down the steep mountain in half moon bay
for a trance (yes, trance) party on the beach.

we ventured into the caves..

hey thad, i took your girlfriend skinny dipping in the ocean.


more pics here.

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last night, danny and i checked out christophe’s band on bayshore.


then tina and i headed off to the tenderloft party
but left due to police drama.
i ended up spending the rest of the evening hanging out with dustin
who showed me this awesome short film he made
where he shaves off all of his shoulder-length hair.
“what happened to the hair?”
“i donated it to a charity that made wigs for chemo patients.”
that so rocks.

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