london for two weeks.
jack and i shot part 8 in the series of short films.

a few behind the scenes stills by the brilliant leanne dixon.

inchoate script
victoria jane appleton, inchoate, veanne cao
veanne cao, inchoate
ryan cloud, inchoate, veanne cao
inchoate, veanne cao
victoria jane appleton, inchoate, veanne cao
i still use the chalkboard slate from my first film ten years ago
because it’s humbling and it reminds me that story and actors first and foremost,
before all the fancy equipment, before everything else.


before moving to london in 2013,
my friends and i would compete annually against other teams around the world in the 72-hour film shootout.

72 hours to write, produce, shoot, edit… make a five-minute film based on a common theme,
which, if you know anything about filmmaking, is pretty absurd
and you have to be a little crazy to attempt such a feat.

so now i’m back and our goal remains the same:
make each other laugh, hopefully make audiences laugh.

our little comedy placed 2nd.
i was just happy it actually made it into aaiff (asian american international film festival)
and we got to see it on the big screen. :)

in saigon, again.

two things.
1. people can be cruel, life can be quite unfair.
you can play victim and whine incessantly about how the world owes you something, spreading negativity
or you can just not.

2. the term “việt kiều” is used to describe vietnamese from overseas.
dad once told me there were generally two types of việt kiều who return to vietnam:
the first, to brag.
the second, to make the country a better place.

i’m not the first of either, but i will try to do both the latter.

veanne cao
[shooting from a dippy little truck with rice creative and truc-anh.


first draft of screenplay done.
in pre-production, jack and i are shooting a movie this summer.

screen test.
casting is my least favourite part of the process, but i love how mark looks on camera, love his nuances.

mark wainwright

currently listening to:
snagged from mark’s spotify playlist.

grass stains on my knees for you, holes in my new jeans for you.



directed, shot and edited a short film with the crew over a weekend last month,
a continuation of last year’s cop flick, the buy.

the players:

rain noe
greg perri
joe diomede
gregg woodcock

filmmaking, when money isn’t involved, is a labor of love.
so it hurts a bit when you have a crew bustin’ their asses for you because they believe in you, in the project,
only to end up with a mediocre film.

but phan (who switched from assistant director to assistant editor this time) said to me,
“no worries dude. we had fun.”
we didn’t make the intended film. still, despite all the blood and sweat, the process (the collaboration) is like an escapade.

and in the nature of guerilla filmmaking, we went back to the old school clapper board.
and since gina knew phan would be capturing all the footage… :)

chalk clapper board

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update july 29, 2013.
apparently we made top ten and our film premiered at the asian international film festival yesterday.
and no one bothered to tell us so none of us went to see it. :