break it to ya

two truths:
1. it is better to kick it with two or three
really cool girls than ten whack ass bitches.

2. coffee and cigarettes, the instant laxative.

» »»

nothing exciting in my life right now.
just roving along until i move to boston.

rather than spending my remaining three weeks in the bay area
socializing and having “farewell” drinks with everyone,
i’ve been keeping to myself and working on little projects.

» »»

rashida, the talented miss audio angel, asked me to revamp her website.
i wanted to create something personable and something that reflected her.
so saturday afternoon, we did a photoshoot at the palace of fine arts, san francisco.

my favorite shot.


a prototype.


» »»

sunday morning, anton and i drove over to matt’s
for a traditional tennessee breakfast.

matt’s fish tank.


we tried to make fondue tonight.

2 cheddar cheese
2 swiss cheese
1/4 flour
1 1/4 dry wine
3/4 salt
1 garlic powder
crusty french bread


um, yeah. we ordered a pizza shortly afterward.