it's oh so quiet

it’s sort of become a tradition,
quiet upstate cabin trips every few months,
to get away from the commotion that is new york city.

some random pictures from the weekend.


currently listening to:
tony’s weekend playlist made me sad at times.

kissing a fool

gina and paul in spring

some pictures from today.

i’ll let you in on a little secret.
this was probably the first time they’ve ever held hands.

weekend in the catkills

an every few months or so escape from the city noise.

gina and jenni.


i’ve decided, for halloween, imma dye henri orange; barkley from sesame street.


it was so dark at night that being outside surrounded by fireflies
felt like being surrounded by stars.

(don’t worry, i set them free.)

<3 dave, who had no experience in the kitchen, but was down to de-head and gut a slimy catfish for me.

rain playing fetch with the dogs.


a few more pictures here.

currently listening to:
lots of billie holiday from my iphone speakers while lying on the dock of the pond.

no regrets


leaving for upstate in a few hours for labor day weekend.
wanted to leave you with two things that make me happy.

1. love

a simple, but beautiful video made by josh,
of ryan and his girlfriend,
that perfectly embodies being young, being in new york, being in love.

2. dogs

a cartoon made by gina
of rain’s shiba inus.


kermit and gina's wedding


everything from the rustic church (photo by kent matsuoka),
to the ocean view at the reception hall
to the hand-written calligraphic invitations..
made the weekend in carmel oh so romantic.

kermit started crying when he saw gina walk down the aisle.
then when everyone saw him cry, they started to cry too.
so during procession,
you could hear *sniffle*sniffle*sniffle* throughout the whole church.

that had to be the sweetest thing ever.

i didn’t take many pictures that weekend,
but here’s one of the bride and bridesmaids.


currently listening to:
weekends like these make me push cynicism aside
and for a moment believe that someday it’ll be friday.

friday i’m in love