high line



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i’ve been banging out chopin’s valse de l’adieu on the piano all night.
it just seems appropriate.

valse 69-1


while driving back from socal,
this rainbow appeared shortly after christophe called me to give me the news.


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my last memory of tedd was from a week ago.
we were in the chill nook when tenacious-d came on my ipod.
tedd dropped to his knees and enthusiastically serenaded me,
“i think i got something in my teeth..”

fuck her gently

goodbye ettore

i wished for a ticket to nowhere
so that nothing here would hurt me
because nothing here mattered in nowhere
but i didn’t go to nowhere because
i thought about my mom
and how i didn’t want to make her cry
and so i held on a little longer.
i wish you had as well.

it rained tonight.


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i’ve seen sunny days that I thought would never end

waiting for the taxi.

goodbye boston.
maybe i’ll see you again someday.

a new chapter in my life awaits..

and i’m gonna rock it