stuffed on dumont burgers

graveley and i ran into mike at some thrift store off metropolitan.
he always looks like a rockstar.

break from studying for finals

i don’t think i’d ever be able to juggle men
because i have the lousiest memory.
it’d be like..

“i saw kung fu hustle on friday. it was so dope!”
“um.. you saw that with me.”


some pics from my four day weekend:

tedd, who got me drinking 40’s at noon.. on a thursday.


outside the downlow party.


happy graveley @mclaren park.


@102.5 radio station.


brandon and the cat.


currently listening to:
i was totally jockin’

this plump dj’s remix
at the radio station,
but now i’m not so sure if i like it.

joey is the bestest.

graveley tells me that people in san francisco try so hard to be different,
yet they’re still all the same.

graveley: “and they’re not crazy like my friends in boston.”
me (sarcastically): “by crazy, do you mean they don’t wear women’s hats when they go out to bars?”
graveley: “hey fuck you.”

but there is some truth to what he says.
we spent friday night at numerous bars,
getting really drunk and poking fun at all the corn-fed, cookie-cutter hipsters/scenesters.
not one minute after alex leaves for the restroom,
this kid walks up to me in a von dutch trucker hat,
throwing me his best mack line.

me: “where’d you get your clothes? urban outfitters?”
kid: “i love that store!”

regardless, there’s always something fun to do in san francisco.

clown porn, angry femme bands and an outdoor breakbeat renegade
all in the same night? i’m always amused.


oh, and i’m a hypocrite.
despite all my shit talking about the bay area party scene being so incestuous,
i have the hugest crush on brandon.
he’s got the dopest personality and dances so damn cute.
he’s so going to be mine. he just doesn’t know it yet. :)

currently listening to:

honey i’m still free

li sasaki is my hero.

last night at the [re]collect art/music exhibit:
“can you play something slower? like hiphop?”
“you know, you’re clearing the dancefloor. maybe you should play some hiphop.”
“hey! can you play some hiphop?”

apparently breakbeat is not loved by all
and apparently people think i’m a jukebox and not a dj.

i was very discouraged,
but i’m glad my friends were there to give mad support and mad hugs.
you guys are the best.

the other performers and artists were impressive though.
one of my favorite pieces, by kevin nguyen


but osby and i couldn’t figure this one out.


we headed to an underground afterwards.


shaking my no-ass to ghetto tech with the greatest friends until 4am.
what a great friggin’ night.

i really like this picture that vincent took.


the rest of the pictures.

» »»

oh, and graveley came along and was recognized as “the christmas tree guy
and vincent as, “oh dude, didn’t you and veanne go on some photo adventure?”

it must be sort of strange huh, to read about someone, see their pictures..
and then to finally meet them in real life?

"shut up brain or i'll stab you with a q-tip."

before we purchased our stylish krups coffee maker,
nat and i were making coffee with a flour sifter and paper towels.

alex once told me that one time while he was at a party,
he had to *ahem* do his business in a bathroom
which had no toilet paper.
he used his sock.
“ew! so what did you do afterward?
turn the sock inside out and put it back on?!”

vi once told me that when john was really young,
his parents were too poor to buy him a slip and slide
so they’d tape together trash bags and turn on the water hose.

where do you draw the line between macguyver and just plain ghetto?

taylor breaks balls.


currently listening to:

decoder makes me moist
drops at 1:30.

this evening, nat's ipod saved my life

twenty minutes on the t.
twenty minutes in 10 degrees, -10 degrees windchill
to my hooey acting class
where we march around the room in a line,
flailing our arms, chanting nonsensical gibberish
like mentally challenged children,
“bong! whee! grr! clap!”
and where we live life by flying, floating, sculpting and radiating.

i’m tired of the juvenile improv games,
but i suppose it’ll teach me sobered uninhibitedness.

twenty minutes back to the t
and by then,
i can’t feel my lips
and my boogers have frozen,
but i don’t mind so much.

yeah, i’m still a sojourner in boston,
still the kid from california
decked out in the winter gear scarf, doo rag, gloves,
poofy jacket and cargo pants,
with my headphones tucked inside my ear,
singing along with jenny about the rocks she’s got.

life in boston has been quiet.
and just because i’m not the notoriously rowdy party kid anymore
doesn’t mean i’m not happy.

because i am.
i just miss you guys sometimes.

theatre and spectator.



last night at club elements,
i turned off the flash on my camera.the results.

[though you won’t see much if your monitor is set to really dark]




the dancers remind me of sci-fi monsters.

currently listening to:

one of the most beautiful drum&bass tracks ever produced

the graveley entry

alex graveley, effervescent bundle of poppycock.


(and our inspiration for the christmas tree).

yesterday, nat and i ransacked eleven thousand photographs
in search of alex graveley in action..
got sidetracked by another project..

then took a trip to the cvs store for thread, parchment paper,
flickering lights, glue sticks..

then a trip to kinko’s..

work in progress.


our completed project: the alex graveley christmas tree


catching a flight to virginia in a few hours to meet nat’s parents for the first time.
i am nervous.

recap la la la

things i’ve done in the past two weeks:

i flew to boston to see nat.
then we drove to new york with alex and joe (two of my favorite monkeys).
i’ve always thought that seeing les miserables on broadway
would be a culminating experience in musical theatre..
well, aside from london.

i’ve seen les mis eight or nine times.
how odd..
that i would be most unimpressed by broadway’s production.
fantine couldn’t reach soprano without cracking her ugly voice,
the sound was too low, the microphones had loose wiring somewhere,
and most of all, the cast didn’t have the *unf* to carry out a solid, vehement,
“tomorrow we’ll discover what our god in heaven has in stored,
one more dawn, one more day, ONE DAY MORE!”

“times square, one of the few places where i’m outside but i feel as if though i’m inside.”


alex, such a hottie.


late afternoon, before getting back to work,
melissa, in her flippity floppity sandals, and i
ran through the fierce, fierce rain.

ruberts by the window, while the thunder went, “bbrrrooooom!”


last night, a few of us checked out the opening of whisper,
a new club in san francisco.

jeremy dances to that tequila song.


harry who’s diva house is so geigh, but oh so much fun to dance to.