today is my first day off.

if you didn’t know me any better,
you’d think i was totally into furries.


i promised a few of you pictures from halloween weekend.

sorry for the long delay.
i’ve been really, really busy.

» »»

unless you’re filipino,
an avid disney movie watcher,
or a total broadway/london musical fanatic,
then most likely you’re not familiar with lea salonga,
but you should be because this woman has the most beautiful, powerful voice.

brandon’s mom runs an organization called a3m
and lea salonga was performing at one of their benefits
so we took a drive down to los angeles to see her.

i’m such a tard.
i wanted to tell her how amazing she was
and how i’ve been following her career for about fifteen years
and how i cried during one of her songs
and and..

but all i could muster up was,
“you’re so friggin’ cool.”


currently listening to:
you just have to listen to know what i’m talking about.


my world spins when he kisses me

i traded therese a six pack of newcastle for bleaching my hair.

for kalli and linh, two former blondes. :)


last night at el rio,
while standing in line for the restroom,
in dim lighting..


and finally,
i keep getting asked,
“so who is this sebastian?”

i can rant continuously about how amazing he is,
but you just have to meet him to know what i’m talking about.

and for once,
all of my friends,
from tina to joey to rick to even vi,
collectively adore him.

[pic taken by my lovely roommate]

ps. we were little bo peep and the sheep
for the dj assault party on halloween.

currently listening to:
driving back from the underground, crossing the bay bridge in the fog,

this song came on


joe and i dressed up as:


piled into the muni with our already inebrious friends


jamie and jenny as pippy and the nun


and headed off to the castro district, san francisco.


it was MADNESS.


the streets were supersaturated with over 100,000 festive drunkards dressed as:

the ronald mcdonald mafia, anna nicole smith, transvestite hookers,
characters from the royal tenenbaum, dr. seuss, naughty priests,
king kong..



nekkid dude


free breast examing ghoul


and other naughty, crazy, creative costumes.
i had an excellent time..

though this year, i felt a little ill with the massive hoard of non-costumed thugs who had no reason
to be there except to get drunk, be disrespectful, start shit and harass women.

wtf? it’s too bad that you can’t filter out crap like that from enormous events like these.