doggie this, doggie that.

when jimmy and i broke up,
i lost my photo adventure partner in crime
and consequently have been very uninspired to take much photos.

but ever since i got henri,
i’ve been meeting so many wonderful dogs and taking tons of doggie pictures.
now seriously considering being a pet photographer.

kyle’s olivie


alex’s alvin


a pug named simon i met at my neighborhood dog run


rain’s kit


and of course, henri


who has his own blog
not because i’ve become some fanatic who’s obsessed with their dog,
but because my family and friends keep asking for pictures,
so i figured it’s easier than sending mass emails every other day.

currently listening to:
the line that gets me, “somewhere maybe someday, maybe somewhere far away.”

little person

my dog is canadian, aye.

phan [here’s the video i helped him with for the island reef job]
has become one of my best buddies in new york
because he’s totally the male version of me.
we were both overachieving private school nerds raised in ghetto san jose,
surrounded by wannabe gangster vietnamese deviants who’d call us white-washed
because we had absolutely no interest in karaoke coffee shops, rice rockets or azn pryde.

then we met in new york, as transients adjusting to the natives’ abrasive attitudes
and trying to discover as much of the city as we can before our hearts pull us back into the bay area.

one huge difference, i didn’t lose my virginity at 26.
so someone has been making up for lost time by slutting it up.

haaaay ladies…


but seriously, all the mỹ trắng girls love him.

last weekend, we took a roadtrip to canada.
mad mad fun.

vieux montréal.



then we headed three hours west to desolate farmland, renfrew,
to pick up a little ball of fluff.

meet henri, named after the prince in drew barrymore’s “ever after.”


getting ready to attack.


he’s super tiny.


landlord is putting in grass and a new fence next week.
in the meantime, i’ve been trying to keep him away from the dirt
because he’s discovered digging.


sometimes he sleeps like a torpedo (all four legs sticking straight out)
and sometimes he sleeps like this.


[crappy iphone camera]

don’t be fooled by this innocent face;
he’s a poop eater.


currently listening to:
phan and i sang along and danced around like tards in the car the whole way up
to everything from stevie wonder to

stevie b

we made a film

the 72 hour film shootout is a nationwide competition organized by aafilmlab
where filmmaking teams have 72 hours to write, shoot, edit and produce short films
up to five minutes in length on a common theme.

this year’s theme was “a first goodbye.”

for 56 grueling hours, we sweat, bled and made “cold war”:

here’s a quick behind the scenes shot taken by tomur:


more about us here: