no time to clean

we both have three machines at our desks,
but these are our main desktops:





considering what a dirty whore brooks is,
i thought his desktop would be messier.

currently listening to:
i miss my records (they’re back in california with my tables)
like lenny misses his bunny rabbits.
been looking all over the place for global thang vol. 1.
today, this old mix hikaru and i did at my old valencia st. apartment
randomly came on my itunes.

and guess what was on the mix?

oh hell yeah
(me mixing out of hikaru’s record)

today is a good day.

our love is here to stay..

shot hikaru’s dad’s wedding last weekend.

the bride has the most amazing smile.



hikaru and i have decided that when we get married,
all the guests will be obligated to take a tequila shot before entering the reception hall.
it’ll make for more incriminating fun photos. :o)

indoor sports, take II

a little better than the first time,
but this is probably the best i can do without a faster lens.
and i can’t justify spending that much money on lens.



i love the movement of the silks uniforms.
i dislike the clutter of the background.


currently listening to:
one of my favorite jungle tracks of all time.
skippity beats and farty basslines. mmm mmm good.
yo hikaru,

enta tha dragon

"dennis farina?" "no, mark farina."

“what? karina?”
“yeah, the track goes on and on and on..”

this past weekend,
a bunch of us drove up north to veronica’s cabin in clearlake to celebrate john’s 25th birthday
and to try to hold on to summer.


more pics here.

currently listening to:

live at coachella 2004
, courtesy of my favorite herb.

"ew! i totally saw your package."

kendrick leaves for japan in a few days.
our bbc mission this weekend was to get him ishtfaced.

5am. jeremy: “you can fuck with me, but don’t fuck with my egg mcmuffin.”
kendrick does so.

at one point, late in the evening, early in the morning,
jeremy and i raced down the saratoga hills with our pants pulled down to our ankles,
baring our undies. we both fell into the dirt, laughing hysterically.
i don’t think i’ve never not had fun with bbc.

hikaru is one of my favorite persons to take pics of [at the korean bbq restaurant].


and again in the backseat of jeremy’s car.


currently listening to:
i asked andreas if we could stay in the car a little longer so i could hear the rest of

this song
the lyrics are so catchy!

rock me amadeus

dear friends,
posting unflattering photographs of your friends on your weblog
is like worse than not telling them they have t.p. hanging from their shoes.


» » »

saturday night,
with the ever charismatic hikaru as my prom date,
we partied like rockstars at the tenderloft.

the forever young 80’s prom party


we left at 7am
and did the walk of shame through the tenderloin
looking like hookers/crackwhores,
bumrushed the car, came home and passed out.

oh yeah, if you were interested in seeing my outfit,
here you go.. [me with osby as ducky]

currently listening to:

you come and go, you come and go

"feels like i'm wearing nothing at all.. nothing at all.."

two weeks flash by
and he’s already off to the airport.

i miss cooking,
playing records,
eskimo kissing,



and waking up
with him.

this morning’s coffee and ciggies on the backyard stairs felt empty.

» »»

snowboarding in tahoe every chance i’ve had
for the past month.




» »»


walked to the car
nico gets out of the front seat
and pulls it up for sebby to get in the back
“nico, it’s a four door sedan.”

nico’s so cute when he’s drunk.

» »»

we went to see big fish and walked around downtown.


tina took this picture of us.

currently listening to:

how can you not love bjork?

california visit recap

nothing is more comforting than
catching up at the family dinner table with mom’s home cooking.

all girls slumber party at vi’s house.
we were all being sissy la la while watching the ring.
the freakiest part of the night was when the phone rang
immediately after the movie ended.
we all jumped up and screamed.
vi also surprised me with a birthday cake.

fresh catfish and stir-fried yummies | vi, karla, me & the birthday cake |
karla doing the cabbage patch


techno party in oakland.
it was nice seeing the reaction on people’s faces when they saw me.
“WTF?? what?? you’re here!!”

nico went all crazy on us | alida looking as cute as ever | miki and me


hung out in san francisco with tina and bought snowboards.
it felt like summer.

me in summer gear | tina in summer gear | patrice and her friendly snake


zeitgeist with rick, sean, tina, and lauren.
then dna lounge for goldie.
ran around the streets with tina tina the sperm cleana,
hollerin’ at random cute boys (like old times).
fell asleep in sean’s car before midnight and missed the whole show.

corey on the decks at dna | tequila shots | trailer at butter


lots and lots of sleep.

snowboarding in tahoe with vi, khai, tina and patrice.
found hikaru on the sugar and spice run,
got too excited and we fell on each other.
i took pics on a disposable camera.
i’ll upload when i develop them.

i will be here until sunday.

shiny happy people

some of my friends have been accusing me of being a crackmonkey;
depriving myself of much needed sleep,
plowing into projects for which i have no time,
while still trying to maintain a normal work_school_social life schedule..

but really, i couldn’t be happier.
my only regret is not having enough time to read as much as i used to.

tidbits from my past week

club icon,
crazy asian kids at the dj booth..


[pics by nat]

alee, my uber rad hairstylist uncle,
and his girlfriend peggy were in town from los angeles.


a bunch of us raced cars at malibu grand prix
for ian’s birthday.


the birthday boy.


two phly kids at the sfraves ten year anniversary party.

[pic by sean]

unproductive week

nat was in town so i spent the week up in san francisco with him..
and some friends.

hikaru gets frisky with an unsuspecting mannequin.


“lola ferrera” and i crashed
the linuxworld expo under fake porn star alias’.


currently listening to:

this song was playing
during our drive to the airport.

sucka free

saturday in san francisco, we heard a gargled
“happy happy! everybody happy.. wonderful!”
peaking through the crowd from a corner in chinatown.


the bottom of the photograph is cut off.
it should say, “dalai lama owns slaves. liar -> billionaire.”

jenny lost the thumb war to hikaru.


okay, the sun is rising and i need to get to bed.
bonne nuit.

currently listening to:

i gotta get through this

crush on the upper haight

i’ve had the biggest crush on dj bailey
ever since i got ahold of his renegade hardware mixtape three years ago.

tonight he was playing at evan’s party, coincidentally called “crush.”

while standing at the bar,
rick nudges me and says,
“hey ve, guess who’s standing right behind you?”

i turned around and my stomach sank.
i wanted to jump him,
tell him he was the bomb shiznit
and offer to bear his children,

but all i could do was muster up an awkward smile.
he smiled back.

my night ruled. :)

bailey, with mc l-ski


rick: “dood, she’s hella hot! who is she?!”
me: “um, rick.. that’s a mannequin.”


hanging out in the restroom.


hikaru is such a cutie.


go spiderman!

miki, tina, hikaru, and i snuck a six pack of bass ale
into the movie theatre to see spiderman tonight.
we were obnoxiously loud.

happy birthday veronica

i am not allowed to discuss certain debaucherous events
that occured at the cabin in clearlake this past weekend.
i had fun though.

this picture perfectly describes our attitudes this weekend.