a little friday pop quiz

fill in the next line (no google!):
    â€¢ my shots goin’ down like you never did know –
    â€¢ too many mcs not enough mics –
    â€¢ ain’t no use for resistance –
    â€¢ if you a freaky-dancin’ ho, keep shakin’ that shit –
    â€¢ i see you clocking trying to block it but you can’t fight –
    â€¢ well i can soon ah dis appointment bounty hunta killa cowboy –
    â€¢ all too pretty for a real life –
    â€¢ i’m sorry mr. kirk, you better come down to the station house –
    â€¢ ten nine eight seven six five four –

my guess is that only like 2-3 people can get them all.

i enrolled in a hiphop dance class,

hoping to get rid of my beer pudge
and get myself ready for bikini season.

the teacher taught us this move that required us to roll our shoulders
whilst protruding our asses outward.

i have no ass.
in fact, marcus even coined the acronym V.B.S. (veanne butt syndrome)
for those poor girls who have no asses.
marcus: “ahaha! check out that girl! she’s got V.B.S.!”

anyway, while trying this ass thrusting move,
i noticed that i looked ridiculously silly.
maybe i should consider ass-pads the next time i go out to a hiphop club.

what i learned in class tonight.


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